TOO MANY ALIENS, NOT ENOUGH TIME or: How Aliens Think The World Just Revolves Around Them

Story Class 21st June, 2012

1.  It was the year 3000.  John and Elizabeth sat quietly together on the grassy hill side, looking up into the peaceful night sky.  The stars twinkled against their dark, velvety backdrop, when suddenly a bright light streaked across the horizon.  What could that be?

2.  Only one person paid attention to it.  The other one closed their eyes.  But from their right there was a hand that caught that person whose eyes were closed.  Suddenly he was alone.

3.  She felt the hand that held her so cold and small. She turned her head to the direction of who the hand came from.   All of sudden she screamed, "What do you want from me?" She saw an alien beside her and the alien had given her telepathy.

4.  Now she could hear the thoughts of the alien as if she were listening to him. But she could not understand the language, and the alien could not understand hers. She wrangled out of the alien's grasp and went back home, looking for her friend. 

5.  Elizabeth (who was the woman who had been sitting with John, the man) was very afraid now because she had been dragged away by an alien who had given her the power of telepathy. But even having the ability to read his mind made it worse because she could not understand his thoughts.

6.  Elizabeth tried so hard to understand what the alien wanted. Then she got the sign by the alien like a picture in her mind. All the words that the alien said appeared like pictures. The alien needed help, that's why the alien had grabbed her hand tightly.

7.  Elizabeth was afraid that the alien could use her to destroy the earth, but it had looked so pitiful that she decided to help him. “But what should I do?” she asked.

8.  The alien took Elizabeth to a movie theater where he showed her a documentary about his planet. Everyone was sick and dying.  Elizabeth was shocked and disgusted, and she didn't really care for the aliens. She was very worried for herself and run away because she wanted to go back home.

9.  She was confused, "Why did the alien ask me to help?" Many thoughts filled in her mind now. The alien looked straight at her and said, "You are the only key can save us, we have looked for you for so long".  

10.  Then the alien stopped her and took her into a car and was driving it into the sea.  She was thinking she would die, but something really astonished her.  In the sea she can see a new world of aliens who had already lived here a long time.  They just needed a doctor to save some people because the disease came from humans.

 11.  The girl was sorry about the sick aliens and about the diseases they were catching from humans.  So she asked the aliens why they had come to earth.

12.  The alien disappeared leaving just a puff of smoke that dissolved quickly.   "Damn", said Elizabeth, “another alien alt wasted my afternoon”.


Calliopeno1 (T)

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Giovanni Tweak (CR)

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