Business English? Thursday 1am and Sunday 4am PDT

There are 2 Business English classes this week.

Thursday 1am PDT (voice). This is a permanent class, every Thursday 1am PDT.
It will take place in an office and in other locations (airport, hotel, restaurant, etc.).
This Thursday the class will be: Invitations, Offering, Terms of Payment, Job Responsabilities, Requesting, Asking for Help.

Sunday 4am PDT (voice) This class is part of a four-class series.
This Sunday: Business English. 3/4
Scripted conversation, vocabulary.
Today's class: Presentations

Meandering Plant

EFL Group Story Writing Class April 17, 2011

The bus jerked to a stop a good six inches from the curb so I had to jump from the second step of the bus onto the sidewalk in order to avoid stepping into the muddy puddle of water that had accumulated in the gutter. I looked down at the Craig’s List print-out that I held in my hand, and then looked up at the tall building that stood in front of me.

In this building there was the ACME office. I read their job ad. I called them and they told me to come in for an interview. They told me it was a very good job, well-paid, no experience necessary.

So I went to the boss’ office to ask why this job was so good because I couldn’t believe it. When i arrived at the office a fat man said, “Hi, welcome, please have a seat and tell me what you would like to drink.”

And then the boss talked to me and said "...because we really need you to do this work." "That's why we're offering such a high salary for the job," he added. Then I said, "But what exactly do I have to do?"

Song lyrics class. Now on Sunday 6am PDT

The title says it all.
This Sunday's song is: "American Idiot" by Green Day


                                           ESL Group Story Writing Class April 10, 2011
What a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and a warm breeze was blowing, so I decided to go to the park.

I started to walk slowly to the park. When I arrived there, I saw a man who was playing with his cute, big dog.

I prefer cats to dogs so I wondered why this man didn't have cats instead of dogs.  "Am I selfish?" I asked myself.

The dog was running away from the man. The man started to run after the dog, yelling for him to come back, but he slipped on a banana peel and fell in the mud. He was all dirty and all the people in the park started to laugh.

I thought that I should help him but I wasn’t sure. Then I heard a cat sound.
I looked down and there in the mud, sitting next to the man, was a tiny kitten. The kitten climbed into the man's lap and started purring. From somewhere in the distance, I heard the man's dog growling.

Double Take

                                  ESL Group Story Writing Class April 3, 2011
The young man sat quietly in the window seat, in the last row of seats on the train. He watched the other passengers enter the train and take their seats.

When he saw a beautiful girl coming towards him, he thought the girl was going to sit next to him, but he was wrong. She was just passing him on her w ay to the restroom.

Suddenly, he realized he was very hungry.  He ordered something and started to wait for the girl while he was eating.

The young man quickly forgot about the girl and began to check his email.
Just as a photo attachment to the email that he was reading opened, the waiter arrived with the bowl of soup that he had ordered. The train lurched and his soup spilled all over his laptop.