In Search of Double O

                                                          March 27, 2011
At first I thought he didn't wake up in time, and then I thought he had connection problems but when he didn't answer to SMS I started to worry and I decided to go to Fuxin to find out.

I took a connecting flight from Tokyo and I landed in Shenyang. I rented a car. Traffic was horrible. It took me 4 hours to drive 135 km to Fuxing. Finally, I arrived at the Huifeng hotel. I took a short walk to the International Garden and I started to ask people if they knew OO Broono.

And it was difficult to find OO Broono because he was using his Chinese name, so I decided to...
...go to the pub which OO always loves to visit.  I thought maybe somebody would tell me where he was.  I took a seat first, ordered a whisky, and waited for someone who knows OO.

I took a sip of whiskey.  It tasted rather odd, but I took another sip anyway.  I looked up and there was a man standing in front of me, staring at me.  I said, "OO?"  He responded, "No, I'm not OO but I can take you to him."

Time change

Time has changed in North America: from PST to PDT.
If you see than a class is one hour later than usual in Second Life time it means that for students outside North America the class is at the same time.
If the class is at the usual Second Life time it's now one hour earlier for you.

March 27 time will change in Europe and the classes will go back to the usual time. One hour earlier for students outside Europe.

The Fourth Dimension

                                   ESL Group Story Writing Class March 13, 2011


It was a rainy, cold Saturday evening and I was in a bad mood. So what did I do? I went to the movies alone-bad idea!

I left my home and started to walk through to a DVD shop. When I arrived there, I asked the shop owner if he could recommend a film for me to watch.

He said that there was a new movie out, in 4-D. He gave me the disc and glasses. I asked him what was the fourth D, and he answered: "Find out for yourself.”

When I got home, I turned on the T.V. and began to watch it. I wondered why I saw lots fog around me. I felt like I wasn't just sitting there watching the movie. Maybe my chair moved. I got the feeling that I was in the movie. I saw a girl who looked like a sheep.

Seeing this weird fog and sheep-girl only put me in an even worse mood. So I grabbed the remote and tried to turn off the movie. But instead of going black, the screen began to glow and the fog thickened, turned blue, and began spewing out of the screen. The sheep-girl stepped out of the T.V. screen right into my room and headed straight for me.

I was shocked. I couldn’t decide what to do next. I stopped for a while and stared at the girl, carefully. She had a golden key in her mouth and it was shining.

I took the key out of her mouth, I put it into my right ear and turned. Nothing happened. I tried the left ear and I heard a click. The girl, the smoke disappeared. I went to sleep and the next day I went to the store to return the DVD.

Ordinary Day

                                ESL Group Story Writing Class March 6, 2011

It started out as any other ordinary day in the city. The sound of the sanitation truck and the honking of car horns woke me up.

I crawled out of bed and slipped on an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I yawned and proceeded downstairs to make a quick breakfast before leaving for work.

I was so sleepy even though I had gone to sleep very early. I had felt there would be something strange that day.  I left home and started to walk to the bus station.

I was listening to music with my iPod-like device. I guess the volume was loud and I was walking following the beat of the music because I noticed there were people following me. They were walking and dancing at the same time, like in an 80's music video.

Maybe I was on T.V., I thought, because I saw some cameras in front of me. So I tried to do my best and I was dancing with the other people.

Then it dawned on me that the cameras merely traffic cameras, and not from some television show.  So, I stopped dancing, turned down the volume of my music, and kept walking towards the bus station. But the crowd of people bopping their heads to my music and following me kept growing.

I looked around and found that I was surrounded by people in every direction. As the crowd grew, I quickened my pace to escape the overwhelming sea of people. Before I knew it, I was at work, but still the people surrounded me.

It was like a crazy dream. I’ve always wanted to be a pop star. It was my dream. I stopped for a while and thought maybe I drank too much beer last night.

The boss walked to my desk, his face purple with rage: "Didn't you get the no-dancing memo?" he screamed at me. "You are fired. Take your personal effects and most of all take these people out of here.