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Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
It's holiday season for many people in many places of the world, including Teachers, Class Runners and Help Team members.
The school is open for classes, but there are many changes in the calendar.
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Candle in the Wing

ESL Group Story Writing Class December 5, 2010
I could never understand why people who are given three wishes in books or in the movies never use their first wish to wish that they have an unlimited number of wishes.  That puzzled me before I found a magic wish-candle.

I wasn't really sure this was a genuine magic-wish candle. A very old man had given it to me on the street, but he didn't look like he was giving me something important. He just looked at me and said: "Take this candle. It's magic. Magic wishes, you know?"

Sometimes I hated wishing because my wishes never came true. So I didn't care about the candle, but one day the power was cut off and I used this candle.

I had always wanted to be able to fly, with a big excellent pair of wings on my back. One day when I was eating my dinner at my old table, I lit the candle and dreamed that a miracle would allow me to be able to fly one day.  After my dinner, I went to my bed and slept, and I woke up with a terrible back pain.

I thought a pair of wings had appeared on my back but actually, this back pain was from a long time ago. I thought I awoke with a miracle, but it actually was not a miracle at all. I kept staring at the candle that I put in my cupboard, when I awoke with curious thoughts in my head.  And then I realized that I had to visit the person who gave me the candle, to ask him some questions.

Thanksgiving Turkey

ESL Group Story Writing Class November 28, 2010
Thursday was Thanksgiving in the USA. When I first came to the US, I thought "What a bizarre holiday!" because almost every household in the country eats turkey on Thanksgiving.

I remember my first Thanksgiving very well. It was very cold, it was snowing. I didn't have any friends yet and I was alone.

Now I have a lot of friends, and I planned a party in my home. So I was happy to wait for my friends to arrive.

I bought a frozen turkey to cook for my friends.  My friends told me something.
When i was preparing the turkey for cooking, I heard a strange noise.  Something was rolling on the floor. It was a diamond ring. It had fallen from the turkey.

As soon as my hand touched it, I felt a weird, tingling sensation that spread from my fingers, up through my arm, and into my eye…my left eye, to be exact.
I felt my head spin and I had to lean against the wall. When I opened my eyes again I could see through things. I had X-ray vision.

When my friends arrived at my party, I knew I shouldn't use my eye but I was curious to see what was happening.  But a strange thing happened. All of my friends were wearing clothing that blocks x-rays. This made me think about airport events.

Anyway, it was my scary dream that I had on a lonely Thanksgiving day.  Now, at my party with my friends, some friends said, "Something is shining in the turkey's stomach!"

We cut open the shining turkey and took out the ring. Whenever i put it on my finger, everything was so clear. I was starting to see everything: cables behind the walls, bugs inside the carpets. And I could even see the eaten turkey inside my friend's stomach.