Music for Lions

DT-ESL - Story Writing Class - 20th July, 2012

1.  Mike worked for the circus.  He helped to set up the tents for each show.  One night the lion tamer was practising his act with one lion while the other five lions sat on their stools.

2.  Suddenly one lion got down off its stool.  It started to creep on its belly across the floor to the door. The lion tamer was looking at the other lion and did not see it.

3.  Since I was child, I have been very much in love with music. I remembered when my dad bought a piano for us children.  It was a small one but it was very useful for me.  I tried to improve and train myself to be skilled although there was no teacher. 

4.  I have tried for a very long time but I want to train to get better.  So I tried to take some samples from the internet.  Greetings everybody.  Now I am ready to train my skills.

Bimbo, Ringo and the elephants

DTESL - STORY CLASS - 12th July, 2012

1.  The woman stopped at the corner to check for cars.
She began to cross the street and then she screamed as a huge truck with two circus elephants on the back came speeding down the road towards her.

2.  She ran fast when she saw the truck with two elephants, then the truck passed by her.  She was stunned there and asked herself “What was going on?  The truck driver sounded the horn so loudly that even the elephants raised their trunks, frightened by the sound.

3.  Her name was Bimbo, today it was her birthday, Friday the 13th.  She couldn't feel her body, as if she was a ghost.  The driver couldn't believe his eyes. He got out of the truck, let the elephants down too, so they could take a pee and a drink, and started to walk towards Bimbo.

Dreams of a little girl and the dancers in the music box

Story Class - Friday July 6, 2012

1.  A little girl sat snuggled on her grandmother’s soft floral armchair and rested her chin on her hand gazing at a smooth glass bottle that played a little Spanish tune. Inside the bottle two tiny ballroom dancers twirled around in each other’s arms in time with the music as their legs twiddled away uselessly beneath them.

2.  The child took the music box with two hands and saw that there are many white doves that fluttered into the sky.  She fell asleep and suddenly dreamed that she was in a beautiful park which had many flowers and it looked like a wedding park. There were many accessories for brides and grooms. She stared around and looked at people dancing.

3.  The girl, Susanne, wanted to dance but no one was inviting her.  She walked onto the dance floor and started to dance alone. It was like she was invisible.

4.  Suddenly, Susanne, saw a table full of food and her eyes widened.  There were so many chocolate cakes and she went crazy.  She went to grab the chocolate. She didn't realize that someone at the corner watched over her. He had a frown, that's why he stood at the corner. He approached her to ask her name. “Hi, my name is James and yours?”