Strange Moons Rising

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 24, 2010

My son and I had already walked for 5 hours that day and we still had to walk for the rest of the day. The third moon started to appear in the sky and I felt sad suddenly.  At some point my son pulled my sweater and asked me: "Where are we going dad?"

I said that we are going to climb the mountain.  My son said, "Why do you want to walk such a long way?"

What son? Do I have a son? Maybe I'm dreaming.

I could see my son was tired, hungry and thirsty and I felt terrible because I had nothing to give him. And how could I tell him the truth? We were running away from his mother who had become a zombie.

EagleEye's classes.

EagleEye's classes are still at the same times: Thursday at 10am PST and Saturday at 6am PST but they switched.
Word Games is now Thursday at 10am PST and Vocabulary is Saturday 6am PST.

The Envelope, Please

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 17, 2010

One day, I found an envelope on the ground, when I was walking down the street. I picked up the envelope and opened it.

I found a lot of money inside the envelope. I did not see a name written on the envelope.

I stood there and thought about what I should do. Maybe I should give it to the police.
Then I thought about my upcoming wedding. I didn't even have money to rent a house. Where would we live?

Usually, to read another's letters is bad. Therefore I folded the envelope carefully and put it in my pocket. I thought, it would be good to give this money to the owner. But, why was it suddenly thrown in front of me?

When I picked up the envelope and started to count the money inside it, I found a small piece of paper with some words written on it in red ink. There was a man standing in a dark corner of a nearby building staring at me.

I quickly shoved the piece of paper in my pocket, without reading it first. Then I folded the envelope and held it in my hand behind my back. I looked at the man and said, "Why are you staring at me?"

He said, “I am a blind beggar, but I can see all.” "How do you see what people are doing?" I asked the beggar.  Then I looked up at the clouds and rain hit me in the face.

He told me that we don't need good eyes to be able to see. But I thought he was just trying to scare me. I decided to go to play cards to make more money.

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Crash Course

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 10, 2010

Sometimes Second Life can frustrate me. Some days I get so angry when I crash that I see red. But some days everything goes very well for me in SL.  For example, last week I met a very interesting and mysterious person in SL.

I opened the profile and the rez date was December 31, 1999. And his avatar was very strange. When I said "Hi," he ran away. What a strange avatar. I told her "Happy New Year."

We began to chat. Our chat was about how interesting his avatar was. "Why do you use a female doll as Avatar?" I asked him.  He answered that people in SL deal with everyone according to gender. They treat people differently, depending on their gender and I want to deal all people, no matter what their gender is.

I asked him "What is your gender?" Then I crashed.

I thought that my avatar would be so cute after I modified it and got new skin. I could learn English in Second Life. Now my avatar is a girl, so most boys love me. Even though they know I am a male in RL.  I played guitar all day while I was listening to a friend. I asked him, "Do you like music?" He answered, “Yes."

A Meandering New Year's Story

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 3, 2010

I woke up this morning thinking about the New Year's resolution that I made a few days ago. I had already broken it!

And I was also late for work. I ran out of the door running, because I was already late. And I found out it was raining hard and I didn't have an umbrella. So I went to the shop and wanted to buy an umbrella. But I realized that I forgot my purse.

I called my friend because I wanted her to bring me my bag. She said, "I'll deliver it to you.” I chatted with the owner of the store while I waited.

My friend finally arrived with my purse. I opened it, took out some money, and paid for an umbrella that I had selected. I walked out of the store and opened my new umbrella. All the while I was thinking about the New Year's resolution that I had so quickly broken.