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Christmas week

Reduced schedule this week: 6 classes. 5 Voice and 1 text. 2 classes Monday: 11am and 4pm PST 2 classes Tuesday: 2am and 6am PST 1 class Thursday: It's Christmas day and the lesson is free: 10am PST 1 class Friday: Excursion class 8am PST

Sunday 21 December

Daisey's last class this year is a very special one and it's FREE Join her at 6 am SLT Sunday for FUN, GAMES and PRIZES in a very special classroom. Big Christmas Quiz...teams of two..so bring a friend.... and get dressed up !!!!!!

Wednesday 17 December

2 voice classes 4am PST, voice, Daisy Vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation. 10am PST, text, Inge Description 11am PST, voice, Inge SKYPE CLASS. Reading, pronunciation

Tuesday 16 December

3 classes today. 1 voice, 2 text 2am PST, voice, Inge Conversation 6am PST, text, Seikatsu Excursion: Visit interesting places in SL. See, read, tell, comment, run, fly etc. 12pm PST, text, Yanto The English Verb Tense System

Saturday 13 December

No guns allowed 4am PST, text, Word games - Learn new words, form phrases, and have fun competing in a friendly way towards other students. This is a free event. Have a good wekend

Friday 12 December

2 voice classes 4am PST, voice, Daisy Reading, pronunciation, comprehension 8am PST, voice, Inge Excursion: Visit interesting places in SL. See, read, tell, comment, run, fly etc.

Thursday 11 December

3 classes today: 2 text classes in SL and 1 voice class in Skype !!! 6am PST, text, Seikatsu Vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation on hold: questions about your country (a.k.a facing the execution squad) and the test. Or something else. 10am PST, text, Inge picture description 11am, voice, Inge reading pronunciation discussion SKYPE CLASS. Yes, Skype class. If you want, if you need a voice class today or if you can't log in SL for any reason this is the next best thing. If you already use Skype come to the infohub 20 minutes before class, IM your Skype id to the classrunner and test voice. If you don't know Skype check here or ask a help Team member in your language.

Wed 10 December

2 voice classes, 2 teachers, 1 class runner. 4am PST, voice, Daisy Vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation 10am PST, voice, Inge Everyday conversation, scripted conversation , discussion

Tuesday 9 December

2 classes today: 1 voice and 1 text 8am Voice Teacher: Inge Qunhua Business English for beginners (NEW Class!) Introductions, business conversation, idioms, experssions, vocabulary. Voice 12pm text Teacher: Yanto Dyrssen This lesson is about verb tense. The class at 2am is canceled for today. Yes, I know. Next week.

Monday 8 December

2 voice classes today: 11am PST, Voice, Inge Reading/Pronunciation 4pm PST, Voice, Alianaluz Prepositions This is our latest class of the week. It's evening in South America and Tuesday morning in Asia.