From Inge

Thank you!
Sun, May 27 2012 5:03:54 AM PDT

I would like to thank the students, the staff and everyone involved in all aspects of the party (ies) held for me. I am very touched and extremely happy for what you all have done for me. I am impressed by your creativity and your abilities as singers and songwriters. Thank you for the kind words in the crossword puzzle, in lyrics, on sign boards and in chat. Thank you also for the beautiful settings in which you arranged my party and thank you all for being there.

Story class is back. Fridays at 5am PDT

Story class is back, finally.
Every Friday at 5am PDT, text only.
This class: TEXT. Story Writing. During this class students will write a short story and the teacher will correct mistakes.
Read past stories

Flat mates now on Wednesday at 9am PDT

Flat Mates, with Inge, has moved. Now it's on Wednesday, always at 9am PDT.

Scripted conversation. Vocabulary, reading, comprehension
This class is open to students of all levels.

Reading/comprehension/discussion class now at 11am PDT on Thursday too.

New class on Thursdays ay 11am PDT.
It's the same class as Wednesday at 6am PDT: Reading, comprehension, discussion. Not for beginners.

This class: VOICE - Reading, comprehension, discussion.
During this class we'll read a text and explain its meaning, idioms, slang and context.
Comments and submissions are welcome.

May 26, 4am PDT. It's not a surprise.

Thank you to everyone who came to the surprise party for Inge last Sunday.
It was great to see all of you. Thanks to Hiromi who provided the amazing location and everyone else who helped out in many ways.
Inge wasn't there though, so we'll do it again :)

Inge will receive a prize for her 5 years at the school.
New Date: May 26, Saturday, 4am PDT (time in your country)
New Location: Hanako land
(more avatars allowed. You will not receive the message: "can't teleport. Region full"
Enable voice: make sure you can listen to what people say in local chat and feel free to speak.

If you have been away from Second Life for a long time, download a new version of the viewer in advance.
For technical assistance in your language or in English contact a Help Team member. (Help Team Calendar)

Picture Description with Jeff on Friday (only this week)

Picture Description with Jeff Hemma
will take place on Friday at 2:00 SLT.

- Only for this week-
Teacher: Jeff Hema 
Class Runner: oo Broono - CHI
 This class: VOICE - Picture Description 
Work on your skills of description 
- ask questions about words and expressions. 
This class is open to students of all levels.

New classes at 10pm PDT

A lesson a day keeps the doctor away.
4 new classes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm PDT.
Each class will last 30 minutes.
Monday: reading/pronunciation
Tuesday: picture description
Wednesday: grammar practice
Thursday: reading/pronunciation
Practice English 4 times/week for 30 minutes.

1 class: 750L$ (1 credit; 300YEN)
A week (4 lessons): 2000L

Sal's class 2am PDT. Today only

Sal's class will start at 2pm PDT. Only today. Have a good Labor Day.

Teacher: salvatorepadilla1 Resident
Class Runner: Giovanni Tweak - ITA

This class: VOICE - Grammar, Conversation
During this class the teacher will ask questions to which students will answer using a particular verb tense, grammar form, vocabulary and expressions.

This week: talking about our daily routines and the routines of others.