TOO MANY ALIENS, NOT ENOUGH TIME or: How Aliens Think The World Just Revolves Around Them

Story Class 21st June, 2012

1.  It was the year 3000.  John and Elizabeth sat quietly together on the grassy hill side, looking up into the peaceful night sky.  The stars twinkled against their dark, velvety backdrop, when suddenly a bright light streaked across the horizon.  What could that be?

2.  Only one person paid attention to it.  The other one closed their eyes.  But from their right there was a hand that caught that person whose eyes were closed.  Suddenly he was alone.

3.  She felt the hand that held her so cold and small. She turned her head to the direction of who the hand came from.   All of sudden she screamed, "What do you want from me?" She saw an alien beside her and the alien had given her telepathy.

4.  Now she could hear the thoughts of the alien as if she were listening to him. But she could not understand the language, and the alien could not understand hers. She wrangled out of the alien's grasp and went back home, looking for her friend. 

5.  Elizabeth (who was the woman who had been sitting with John, the man) was very afraid now because she had been dragged away by an alien who had given her the power of telepathy. But even having the ability to read his mind made it worse because she could not understand his thoughts.

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Separated at birth but a happy ending

STORY CLASS 15th June, 2012

Albert and Greg were finally going to meet at the age of 26 after finding out they were twin brothers who had been separated at birth and adopted by different parents.  Albert was very anxious about it. In the week before the meeting he couldn't sleep.  He was curious and afraid at the same time, but he didn't know why.  

They were twins, so they could feel each other. They tried to resolve the problem.  They relaxed by playing with a bicycle but they suddenly saw dwarfs around them.

The young men finally met and were amazed to see how much they looked alike. They felt very emotional and had many things to talk about and many things to show each other, such as photos and family portraits.

No one in the pictures was a dwarf; no one in their family was a dwarf, so they could not understand why they were seeing dwarfs.  They were not even sure the dwarf was real, because they had seen dwarves only in dream sequences in movies. 

Albert was a little scared, so it was Greg who talked to the dwarfs.  While Greg enjoyed talking with them, Albert asked Greg to stay away from them.  Before Greg stopped talking, they saw a cute fairy suddenly come up.  The fairy talked into Greg’s right ear, “You need therapy, let me help you Greg”.

The story of Jimmy's path to peace and enlightenment

Story writing class is a text only class. No need for voice.
Students write a short story, one or two sentences each. The teacher corrects each sentence while the next student continues writing the story.
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STORY CLASS 8th June, 2012

Everybody was having a wonderful time and he'd have loved to have joined in with everyone else, however he was big and strong, and had bullied his classmates. This is why he was escorted to the cage by the police and why he was following classes sitting at his desk in the cage.

He was often ridiculed due to not being as tall as the other students. Often Jimmy ended up bullied in situations like this but inside he was feeling a bit lonely. No one wanted to talk to him. He disliked his family and his parents were so busy at work.
He had much hurt inside of his heart. He felt lonely and rejected by anyone around him. But He had a good hobby, he liked to fold origami.

After school Jimmy was left out of the cage. Police took him home and took his handcuffs out. He went to his rooms and started to work on a new origami. The biggest he had ever done.

One day when he fell asleep the origami that he had made became real. He had made a big robot. The robot said, Hi master, "Tell me your wish and I will complete it".

Chinese Time Calendar

Dreams of a broken heart

STORY CLASS 1st June, 2012

"There was a loud knock on the young woman's front door, but when she opened the door nobody was there. She saw a large package on the front door step with her name written on it.  She took it inside and it was very heavy.  She noticed that there was no sender's name or address.  She opened the parcel and found inside........."

She was shocked, suddenly a little puppy appeared in the box. He had a white coat and big eyes. What a cute puppy!  But inside there was another thing... it was shining. Something in the bottom of the box. She felt a chill, but she wanted to know what it was.  So she put a bamboo pole into the box. It looked like something was dragging on the bamboo pole. Suddenly she felt the box raising up into the air and then flying. At first she was very scared, then she got tired and fell asleep.