The story of Jimmy's path to peace and enlightenment

Story writing class is a text only class. No need for voice.
Students write a short story, one or two sentences each. The teacher corrects each sentence while the next student continues writing the story.
Every Friday at 5am PDT [check your local time]
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STORY CLASS 8th June, 2012

Everybody was having a wonderful time and he'd have loved to have joined in with everyone else, however he was big and strong, and had bullied his classmates. This is why he was escorted to the cage by the police and why he was following classes sitting at his desk in the cage.

He was often ridiculed due to not being as tall as the other students. Often Jimmy ended up bullied in situations like this but inside he was feeling a bit lonely. No one wanted to talk to him. He disliked his family and his parents were so busy at work.
He had much hurt inside of his heart. He felt lonely and rejected by anyone around him. But He had a good hobby, he liked to fold origami.

After school Jimmy was left out of the cage. Police took him home and took his handcuffs out. He went to his rooms and started to work on a new origami. The biggest he had ever done.

One day when he fell asleep the origami that he had made became real. He had made a big robot. The robot said, Hi master, "Tell me your wish and I will complete it".

He wanted to become the king. When he woke up he was the king but something happened. He had to manage the castle.
He was really bad at managing the castle, soon it started to break down and become dirty. Staff were not working anymore and had all become corrupt. The entire country was on the verge of a financial collapse, like Greece.

"Why did I ever wish I was king?" cried Jimmy. He had wished to be king so he could be recognized as important instead of just a doormat to those around him. But, even here, the boy’s flaws proved to be inadequate, leaving the boy wondering if he would ever be successful.

For his second wish he asked to be a business man. Suddenly he became a business man. Once again, because he couldn’t control his anger to anyone who smiled at him no one wanted to be his friend or client. He got mad at them again and he became bankrupt again.

He lost his mind but he heard a story from China. It was about Kung Fu Panda. He needed to find inner Peace and tried to make fun by himself.

Jimmy was what, 8 or 9? It didn't make sense, but this was not a problem for Jimmy. He received a call from the secret agents of the Chinese government. They told him to go to the airport and fly to China, where the Kung Fu Panda would give him inner peace. He arrived in Beijing. The secret agents were waiting for him.

This story happened 2 years ago, it’s a true story. If you know the Kung Fu Panda, ask him if he's seen Jimmy.

The End.


Akamar Zuta
oo Broono
Giovanni Tweak (CR)

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