Dangerous Money

Story Writing Class – 2nd August, 2012

The young man and woman walked along the footpath to the beach. They stood on the rocks admiring the sparkling sea and watched the ship passing by far out on the water.  Then they saw a man with a gun running along the beach.

The man put the gun between his teeth so that it wouldn’t get wet and jumped in the sea, swimming like a dog towards the boat. But after a few meters he stopped and started to yell, "I can't swim. Help me! Help me!”  They wondered what that man was doing with a gun in his hand.  This couple didn’t want to take a risk so they ran away and called the police.

After that, some police come to the sea and found the man and they tried to help him. They found out he was the most dangerous criminal who cannot swim. So the man was arrested

The police took Armand and Julie to the police station to interrogate them. They said they had never seen the man before but the police didn't believe them. They were convinced that Julie and Armand were helping the criminal.

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This class: VOICE - Grammar, Conversation. During this class the teacher will ask questions to which students will answer using a particular verb tense, grammar form, vocabulary and expressions.

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