New Classes Friday

Two new classes this week: Friday 4am PDT, Voice, Grammar Friday 1pm PDT, Text, Grammar Both classes will be taught by Pinkjeans Acker. The following week classes will be at their regular time: Friday 3am (Voice) and 12pm PDT

Time change

Here we go again. Back to Standard Time. Second Life time will change from PDT to PST next Sunday. Early in the morning the clock will go back one hour. If the time doesn't change in your country, classes will be one hour earlier than before in your local time. In some countries it has already changed, in others there is no time change. For a list of what goes on country by country click here

Week 43

Winter schedule: new Classes, new times and other changes Two more classes: Saturday and Sunday at 6am PDT. Monday: NEW format: 11am PDT: Business English Tuesday: 12pm PDT: Yanto is back. Verb tenses. Text only. Thursday: NEW class: 6am PDT: This is now a Text only class. Practical English. Recommended for beginners. Saturday: NEW class, NEW time: Voice: VOICE. Word Games. Exercises, practice, word games. Homonyms, homophones, word roots. Sunday: NEW time: Skype class: Flat Mates/International news in English Reading. Pronunciation. Comprehension