Paying by week

Now students can pay by the week.
The fee is 5000L$.
When you pay in this way, you can attend all the classes you want for a week (7days).
So, for example, if you pay Monday, you can attend all the classes until Sunday.
If you pay on Wednesday, you can attend all the classes until the following Tuesday included.
It's a good type of payment for students who have time to attend many classes and want to learn fast (immersion).

My voice problem and how I fix it

When I log in SL, 3 times out of 4, I have no white dot.
Through a lot of trials, I found a quick way to make it work, without having to relog many times.
Today, I told it to Kimnga, who had not been able to use  voice for weeks. It worked for her too.
If you have frequent problems with voice, try it. I hope it can work for you as well.
This is how I fix it:

click to enlarge

1) Open Preferences/Sound and Media, and open Audio Device settings

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  2) The Input, Output and Input Volume boxes are   grayed out

click to enlarge

3) Wait 5/10 seconds, and the boxes become active. Click Apply, then click OK

4) The white dot appears!

NOTE: I use Firestorm with the Starlight/Silver Blue skin. If you use a different viewer or a different skin, the buttons may look different. 

Time change

Comprehension, Discussion class on Wednesday is now one hour earlier.
New time: Wednesday 8am PDT

New: Skype classes

So many problems with voice in Second Life!
Let's use Skype.

Monday 6am PDT: This class will be in Skype
 Reading, comprehension, discussion. During this class we'll read a text and explain its meaning, idioms, slang and context. Comments and submissions are welcome.

Thursday 3pm PDT: This is a new class 
VOICE - Grammar practice/Pronunciation This class is recommended for beginner and very beginner students

Also, all Pronunciation classes are available both in SL and Skype
Monday: 12am-2am PDT
Wednesday: 10am-12pm PDT
Friday: 4am-6am PDT
15 minute individual class
VOICE - Pronunciation, accent, intonation

For Skype classes contact: esl-sl

Time changes

We changed a few class times
Tuesday: Grammar practice: from 11 to 10am PDT
Wednesday: Grammar practice: from 6 to 4am PDT

If you cannot find a class at a good time for you, call us. Tell us the best day and time for you and we'll try to schedule a class at that time.
You can call us in your language too. Check out our office hours

New Class: Friday 4pm PDT

New Class at 4pm PDT.
This time is good for students from Central and South America, and for early birds from Asia

Teacher: Catherine Freeman
Class Runner: Giovanni Tweak - ITA

This class: VOICE - Pronunciation, Comprehension.
During this class we'll read a story and explain its meaning, words, idioms and correct pronunciation. Word scramble. Picture description.
This class is recommended for beginner students

Test voice before class. Microphone recommended