Dusty Dream

                                    ESL Group Story Writing Class August 29, 2010
Last night I dreamed I was in a desert. In the dream, I was standing on a dusty road that stretched out behind and before me as far as the eye could see. I could taste the dust in my mouth and feel the grainy sand at the edge of my eyes. My clothes and hands and shoes and hair were all covered with a thin layer of the dull reddish powder.

I was thirsty, my mouth was dry. I could not understand how I had ended up there.  Then I woke up. I was thirsty, my mouth was dry. And I had a terrible headache.  The doorbell rang and it felt like a drill going through my skull. I went to open the door.

I waddled off up the passage to get to the door wondering who could be bothering me so early on a Sunday morning.  "May I help you?" I asked before opening the door.

The voice on the other side of the door answered that my antenna on the roof had been broken the night before by the strong wind and that he needed to enter to check for problems with my telly.

I asked again, "Are you sure?" The answer from the other side of door: "Yes!"  Let me tell you that no antenna is installed in my house but I watch movies every day using my laptop.

And I went back to my room to go to sleep.  I was dreaming again.  This time I was in the desert and I saw some people riding camels, so I wanted to join them.

I heard a knock on the door again, went downstairs, opened the door, and to my amazement, the repairman was covered in the same red dust as me. I realized I was having some sort of lucid dream, and wondered what would happen next.

Garden Discovery

  ESL Group Story Writing Class August 22, 2010

                                         This morning, I decided to work in my garden.  I had not cared for my garden in many months so it had become overgrown with weeds.  I took out my gardening tools, kneeled down, and began to work.
I had decided to remove all the flowers and plant a vegetable garden instead, so I would have food to eat.  When I was pulling up some roots, the dirt collapsed and fell down and a big hole appeared below.  Maybe it had been made by an animal. I decided to see how deep it was.
I thought it must be some kind of animal's nest, or so it seemed. Then I tried to look carefully down into the hole when I heard a big animal growling back up at me.
I wondered if I should run or just listen to what was happening. Then I saw some eggs in the hole. I thought it would be a good idea to cook them, so I needed to steal them and take them back home with me.
I tried to get a basket from my sister to put the egg inside and take them back to my home. I was happy because my sister could cook the eggs for us, then we would have a good meal today.
The eggs were partially covered by dirt so I gently pushed the dirt back away from them. Then, very carefully, I lifted the eggs out of the ground and placed them in the basket.  I was surprised to find that the eggs were very heavy. They almost felt like rocks! Also, they were a strange color. They were blue with tiny yellow specks, and the specks seemed to be glowing.

Changes in the School Calendar

The school calendar is changing fast.
Alianaluz is back at her regular times:
Monday at 4pm PDT: Grammar, Pronunciation. (Voice)
Wednesday at 4pm PDT: Grammar, Pronunciation, Comprehension (Voice)
Sunday at 8am PDT: Story Writing. (Text)

New teacher and new Class: Nimlot will teach a Reading, Comprehension and Pronunciation class every Thursday at 11am PDT. (Voice)