Pandora’s Garage

ESL Group Story February 21, 2010

One day, I decided to clean out my garage. I hadn't parked my car in it for two years. I stored things that I didn't need in it instead.

Not only was it filled with all my junk, but also the people who owned my house before me, left a huge, heavy trunk in the back of the garage. I decided to begin my cleaning by inspecting the contents of the trunk.

I prepared a lot of tools. Despite all my efforts to open the trunk I soon realized it was locked and I didn't have the key. I browsed around all the tools in my garage until I found a jemmy which might have helped me to open that trunk.

I had been working with it for half an hour before I was able to break the locker. I was so impatient to see what was inside it that I didn't notice the scorpion that was walking on it.

All of a sudden I felt a burning itch on my hand and screamed out in pain. I screamed so loud that the neighbor's kid ran in to see what was going on… and at the same time I turned my eyes towards the content in the trunk. I couldn't believe what I saw!

Kung Fu Khi

ESL Group Story Writing Class February 14 2010

Three years ago, after his father died, Khi decided to take a vow of silence. At first, everyone thought that he would not be able to keep his vow because he loved to talk.

But after eight months of his continued silence, his friends began to realize that he was serious about his vow. They stopped trying to get him to talk.

He decided to begin a new challenge to improve his spiritual development. He learned more about himself in those short years than he did the rest of his life. He was in touch with his own feelings and his soul.

Everyone knew him as Khi, but now he has the nickname of “Silent Khi.” The acceptance of that vow provoked in him a deep consciousness and led to a perfect knowledge of Kung Fu. In a few short years he became one of the most well-known Kung Fu warriors ever.

He wanted to move from his house to a new place. He thought that a new place could bring him inspiration.

Khi had a very independent and liberal spirit. He decided to buy a new house on the east coast of the US, near to the beach. He decided to get in touch with the natural beauty of that place.

When he got to his new place he decided to talk, but he could no longer talk!

Khi is my son's friend. His father was dreaming of a wonderful future for him but destiny didn't give him the chance to see his son as he wished. I didn’t like to see him confused about his future.

Playing Kung Fu couldn't help him to find the right way. Changing the place where he grew up with his father was another sign of his confusion, I thought. I decided to take charge of him and his future.

A Midwinter’s Nightmare

ESL Group Story Writing Class February 7, 2010

One very cold, dark night in the dead of winter, two lone figures walked closely along the empty beach. Their faces were hidden from view by one long wool scarf that they had wrapped around their necks. It made them look like twins conjoined at the neck,

I was inside my house and I wondered what they were doing outside in that freezing cold.
However I had no chance to look any further because the electricity went off.

I went to the kitchen and I lit a candle. I walked down the stairs to the basement to reset the fuse box.  Everything seemed in order when a draft shut the basement door closed and locked. I was thinking about a way to get out when I heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door.  My friend came in.  I welcomed him and invited him into the house. But that was not my friend.  It was my father and he looked like a zombie, so I closed the door again. I was afraid.

I offered a cup of coffee to my father. He wanted a piece of chocolate cake, too. Then, I prepared it for him. I was confused about everything that happened this night. Many different feelings mixed together: fear, cold and confusion at same time.

I did not understand what brought these confusing emotions upon me. So while my father was eating chocolate cake, I took some rope and tied it around his chair. Then I secured his hands and pushed his face into the chocolate cake.

My zombie father was so busy wolfing down his cake that he didn't notice that he was tied to the chair. Just as I was about to pour him some more coffee, I heard a strange scraping sound at the window. I couldn't see what was making the sound because the windows in my basement are too high up on the wall for me to see out of them.


ESL Group Story Writing January 31 2010

He was so different from us all. Some group of explorers caught him on a planet far away from ours. He was sold as an attraction and it always caused everyone to grin at his odd shape: he only had two arms and two legs and his skin was too pale and pink.

The look of hopelessness in his eyes, as he looked at everything all around him, revealed his fear.

I read about this creature in the newspaper and when the circus came to town I decided to go with my wife and children. It was really strange, -so different from us, -only four tentacles and no feathers…

I moved a little closer to the cage. The creature backed away from me in response. I sent it a greeting telepathically but it seemed closed to telepathy so I tooted, as all respectable ZXers do. The creature's toot was strange. It tooted something like "lehtemeeoutofhere" but I didn't understand what it meant.

There was an identification sign on the cage: it contained a little information about him: Galaxy: Solar System; Planet: NJ9837 Earth; Race: Human. I wondered what kind of weird inhabitants could be on that planet and how primitive they could be.

Time Change

EagleEye's Thursday class has moved from 10am PST to 1pm PST for the time being.