Classes using Skype

WHY SKYPE CLASSES? For the students who have any kind of problem with Second Life. Computer does not meet system requirements WHAT HAPPENS DURING SKYPE CLASSES? Skype classes are like classes in Second Life without the avatar. Visit the class calendar and click on the lesson for a description. For the students who cannot come to class in Second Life. Second Life is a program that requires a good video card and a fast internet connection. Some computers are not powerful enough to start with, other computers become old and so slow that the students cannot log in anymore. Some students cannot use it and some other students have to quit. Students have to be at least 18 year old to register and use Second Life.

Wed 21 Jan. 4am PST. Beginner class

New class every Wednesday 4am PST. This class is for students who speak no English. Ask for info in your language This class is for beginners. Don't worry if you can't speak any English. This is a very basic class. Cette classe est pour les débutants en anglais. Ne vous inquiétez pas si vous ne parlez pas (ou peu) l'anglais. Cette leçon est très simple. このクラスは、英会話初心者のためのクラスです もしあなたが、英語を全く話せなくても心配しないで 欢迎来到英语初学者课堂, 这个课是为英语初学者开设的。即使你不会说任何英语也不要担心。这个课是非常基础的。 Estas clases están pensadas para los principiantes. No se preocupe si usted no comprende el inglés. Esta es una clase muy básica. Dieser Kurs ist für Anfänger. Mache dir keine Sorgen darüber, dass du kein Wort Englisch sprichst. Dies ist ein Kurs, in dem du erst einmal ein paar Grundlagen lernst Этот класс для начинающих. Не беспокойтесь если Вы не можете говорить на английском языке. Questa lezione e' per principianti. Non preoccupatevi se non parlate l'inglese. Aceasta clasa este pentru incepatori. Nu te teme daca nu stii engleza. Aceasta clasa te va invata de la baza.

New Prices

Prices will raise February 14. This is the first change in 2 years. Classes paid for before February 14 (at the old price) are valid indefinitely. For current students the new price will take effect April 1st. What are the new prices? Click here.

Class canceled

The class scheduled today at 10am PST has been canceled.


The school channels (group IM, notices, infohub) are for school business and activities only. Everything else is SPAM. No exceptions even if: a) your tier date is coming up and you have to sell that parcel b) you think it's a good idea c) you are drunk d) you think you're God's gift to the world and can do no wrong e) you are a former teacher f) all of the above

Week 1

Short week: it begins today with 2 voice classes. 10am; 4pm PST. Friday 8am PST Excursion class (voice). Sunday 12pm PST Story writing class (text). Story class is back every Sunday at 12pm PST