Calendars in local times

There is a new box on the right bar of this blog: Class Calendars in Local Times.
If you click on one of the links you will open the class calendar in the local time of that country.
For now we have Japan, Saudi Arabia and CET (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland)
I'm sure it will be helpful!

Second Life Tutorial

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New at the infohub: the Second Life tutorial.

Learn how to use the viewer, how to set-up voice for best results, how to receive, open, create and share notecards (text files), how to move around, sit, etc.

The tutorials are short and easy to use and understand.
Soon we'll have translations in many languages.
And of course, you can contact us directly during Help Team hours (in different languages).
Now it's a lot easier to join our classes.

To visit the infohub click here. 
No viewer? Click here Do you want to read the tutorial in your browser? Here!

Day Change: From Tuesday 12pm to Wednesday 12pm

Cat's class moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.
Starting this week.

VOICE - Pronunciation, Comprehension.
During this class we'll read a story and explain its meaning, words, idioms. Students will answer questions about the story.

Same class, same time, different day.

Giovanni's class (wed 11am PDT) will be moved to another day TBA (to be announced)

Time Change: Saturday 1am PDT

This Saturday, the Basic Grammar class (this week: corrections and participle practice) will be at 1am PDT instead of 6am.
This week only.