Tutorial in Vietnamese

The tutorial is available in Vietnamese too. Check the list of translations in the box in the right bar.

Viewer tutorial in Spanish with new pages

The viewer tutorial in Spanish is online.
This is the latest version, with new pages for how to stand up and camera controls, that are very important and very difficult to explain without the tutorial.
The new pages will be added to the tutorials in other languages.

New: viewer tutorial in Arabic

The tutorial is getting translated in many language by Help Team members.
Today, Arabic goes online.
Find the links to the English, Indonesian, Japanese and Italian in the box on the right.

New Calendar: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Western Australia, China, Philippines, Taiwan

New calendar for Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Western Australia, China, Philippines, Taiwan.
The complete list is in the right column of this blog. 

Adhams (and Song Lyrics class) are back!

Adhams is back Song lyrics class is back!
Same day and time: Sunday at 6am PST

Teacher: Adhams Darkstone
Class Runner: ai12in Resident - IND

This class is for intermediate/advanced students.
This week's song will be: "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye

If you have never been to this class, ask the class runner how to play streaming music.

Second life tutorial: Translations

There is a new box on the right bar of this blog: Viewer tutorials.
If you click on one of the links you will open the viewer tutorial in that language.
Available now: Basha Indonesia, Japanese, Italian and, of course, English.
More translations coming soon.

New Classes Tuesday and Thursday 10am PST

Two new classes: Tuesday and Thursday 10am PST
Teacher: Giovanni Tweak
Class Runner: Quenya Jinx - ITA

These classes are recommended for beginner students.
These classes last 30 minutes.
Types of class: Pronunciation, Picture Description, Grammar Practice, Dialog (expression) and Dictation.
This week: Tuesday: Dialog; Thursday: Picture description.
Next week: Tuesday: Pronunciation; Thursday: Grammar Practice

Cost: 750L$ (1 credit; 300YEN) week: 2000L
More classes: http://www.drive-through-esl.info/index.html

New Class: Monday 6am

Teacher: Giovanni Tweak
Class Runner: Hipostech Resident

New class every Monday at 6am PST: Basic English Grammar
It's recommended for beginners.
This class is a repetition of the previous Saturday's class. This week: Expressing Feelings / Corrections
This is a listen/write class. You can attend without a microphone.