Tap Water

ESL Group Story Writing March 28, 2010

I live in a village. This year there was a drought so I decided to look for headwater. From childhood, I heard stories that there used to be a river where my house now is, but the river disappeared.

So, I decided to go along the shore of the river up stream, to find the headwaters. I heard that there were a lot of monsters along the river coast but I still needed to go there. Then I walked around for years. At last I found something that I didn't expect.

There was a large group of crows. One crow could crush a house with its wings. As I was getting ready to fight the crows, an old lady came up to me and told me lots of things about fighting the monsters I would face.

She gave me a small vial with a blue potion inside. She told me to drink it after the fight with the crows. But I was afraid of the crows so I drank it before starting to fight.

Fighting with the crows was not the aim of my journey. I wanted to discover the reason why the water stopped flowing in front of my house.

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Sasdaguea Monday

ESL Group Story Writing Class March 21, 2010

I was born in a cave at the foot of a mountain, not far from a small village near the ocean. The buzzing of unseen insects kept me company during the day and the flutter of bat wings lulled me to sleep at night.

I didn’t leave the cave for the first seven years of my life, but sometimes at night, I felt brave enough to crawl to the cave entrance, sit with my back to the cave, and gaze up at the stars and moon while I listened to the waves crash against the rocks at the nearby seashore.

On those nights I was always dreaming about my future and all the adventures I'd have had once I decided to go to Sasdaguea: the closest town. I knew there were big buildings and powerful machinery in them to make steel. I was fascinated at the thought of a change.

One day, I got up very early.  I decided to go to the city to see it for myself. I met a woman in the city, I liked her. But I did not know if I would be able to speak to her.

She was a charming woman with big lips, she was holding a child. The child was crying a lot, and she kept asking for help without paying any attention to her child.

Time Change

The time has changes from PST (pacific standard time) to PST (pacific daylight saving time)
What does it mean?

For Asian students (including Saudi Arabia): Classes will start one hour before until November 7, when the time will change back to PST).

For European student: Classes will start one hour before until March 28, when the time will change to daylight saving time in Europe as well. It will go back to standard time on October 31 and there will be confusion for a week, until November 7 when SL will change back to standard time too.

For Brazilian student: I'm really confused by Brazilian time. I hope you understand better than I do. Classes should be one hour earlier until your time changes (probably October 17).

For Egyptian students: Classes will start one hour before until April 30, when the time will change to daylight saving time in Egypt as well.

Anyway, don't trust me and check here: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst2010.html

Good luck!

Swedish Bacon

Group Story Writing Exercise March 14 2010

“5:14 leaving for Hastings in 3 minutes, all aboard!” That announcement blasted over the loudspeakers in the waiting room of the old train station jolted me out of my sleep. “5:14?” I said to myself, “That can’t be! I only wanted to take a cat nap. I’m sure I closed my eyes no more than 10 minutes ago… at about 2:10 A.M.

Did I sleep for almost three hours?” I glanced up at the large clock that hung from the wall in the middle of the station. It confirmed the conductor’s announcement. I missed my train!

Maybe it was because the time had changed form winter time to summer time. I am always confused when that happens. But, wait a minute! This is not the same station I fell asleep in. Where am I?

I wonder, is this a dream? I want to pinch myself once, to make sure I'm not dreaming. Suddenly I saw a very strange person with an elephant walk by me.

I think , I'm lost. I'm in a nice place. But I don’t know this place. It's a nice park with a great garden.

I hate when I miss my train. In fact, I missed the train two times. The first time that I missed the train was last week. I was going to my officer in Manhattan, and I fell asleep. And the second time was today.

Whoopie! Scrolling text!


A Ducky Situation

Group Story Writing Exercise March 7 2010

It all began on a late, lazy Sunday afternoon in the heart of summer. I was taking a leisurely nap on the hammock on my grandmother's porch, when all of a sudden I heard strange, soft noises coming from somewhere behind my grandmother's rose bush.

I ran to my grandmother right away. I thought that I should calm down first. My grandmother told me that I must calm down and asked me if I didn't notice that the workers were repairing the roof.

Then I decided to walk through the beautiful summer forest and enjoy the sun and listen to the birds and the sound of the waterfall near the house.

In the forest, there were some nice colored birds who were singing. Near the oldest tree in the forest, a black bird looked at me. It was strange.

I spent a nice time in the forest among the flowers, green trees, and lovely colored birds. I enjoyed the birds' singing. The black bird that was looking at me strangely made me wonder about the meaning of its look. All these things couldn't help me forget the voice I heard at my grandmother’s house. "When I return to the house I will look for the voice source." I told myself during my return back.

While I turned away to go back home I heard the bird calling me back. I can't explain how but I was sure it was the strange bird. "Hey you" it said to me, "There is nothing wrong with the roof, right? I think it was your grandma who wanted to send you away. Let's go back and see what she's doing."

Treasured Endings

ESL Group Story February 28, 2010

Seven, no eight, no nine years ago I discovered a huge secret. It was a secret that changed my life.

When I was going home after finishing my work, I bumped into my friend Sam. I was surprised to meet him after not seeing him for such a long time. He stared at me for a long time and said "Do you still remember me?" "Do you remember our secret?"

I thought of the map that we discovered during our childhood; there is a treasure hidden somewhere on the map. I told this secret to my wife after getting married.

-a treasure that can solve any economic problem for anybody…

Suddenly I felt as excited as a little child. God knows how boring my life had been ever since I got a new job at the city bank. I felt like one of the characters in the Robert Louis Stevenson book “Treasure island.” The reality was a little more complicated, though.  I couldn't just take a week off from my work. However I couldn't let my friend down either.

This treasure could make me happy and rich and I could buy all the things that I wanted. We discovered this treasure in my old house after searching a long time. What would we do with this treasure?