Treasured Endings

ESL Group Story February 28, 2010

Seven, no eight, no nine years ago I discovered a huge secret. It was a secret that changed my life.

When I was going home after finishing my work, I bumped into my friend Sam. I was surprised to meet him after not seeing him for such a long time. He stared at me for a long time and said "Do you still remember me?" "Do you remember our secret?"

I thought of the map that we discovered during our childhood; there is a treasure hidden somewhere on the map. I told this secret to my wife after getting married.

-a treasure that can solve any economic problem for anybody…

Suddenly I felt as excited as a little child. God knows how boring my life had been ever since I got a new job at the city bank. I felt like one of the characters in the Robert Louis Stevenson book “Treasure island.” The reality was a little more complicated, though.  I couldn't just take a week off from my work. However I couldn't let my friend down either.

This treasure could make me happy and rich and I could buy all the things that I wanted. We discovered this treasure in my old house after searching a long time. What would we do with this treasure?

 Do you remember?... Back then we sat in the basement repairing an old bike, and then you looked into this place....

-and found a map.

I decided to call in sick at work so that I could go to find the treasure with my friend, and my wife decided to come too. We took our bicycles and started to ride following the directions on the map.

It took us to my old house! We discovered this treasure in my old house after searching a long time. Old house, the basement, and a mysterious door ... They lead to who knows where .... We went in.

When I went through the door it was very dark and the smell was terrible. The light we had with us was not enough to brighten up the tunnel that seemed very long and deep. We could hear noises of rattling chains and others that we could not understand. Could it have been animals?

We were scared but our curiosity drove us forward. We walked on a bit longer and it astounded me that there was such a huge, long space beneath this old house. The horrid smell grew stronger and the sounds of rattling chains and moans grew louder as we crept along. I was the most scared of the two (and a little bit of a coward) so I told my friend to go first.

"Hey, don't speak to me that way. I don't take orders from anyone," he responded. You can go first, not me," he said, and added "-sorry if I seem rude.”

I was wondering if aliens could in any way be involved in this because I remember hearing some vague stories about aliens and treasures. They were the treasure custodians. I got a mixed sense about this experience.

We were very afraid and we could not continue, so we decided to leave the treasure where it was and to go back outside. When we parted we decided to keep our cowardice a secret, in addition to the secret of the treasure.

It was a hard day, but we agreed to cooperate and work together in an effective way to reach to the treasure. I did my best to encourage my friend to work with confidence and passion. We spent a long time in that tunnel but no treasure was there. The treasure we got was our mutual cooperation and obedience.

Airam Vaher
Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
EagleEye Scorfield
Ganat3aden Cristole
Giovanni Tweak
kang Elton
Lora Tachikawa
mody Avril
oo Broono
Simon Lamede

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