A Ducky Situation

Group Story Writing Exercise March 7 2010

It all began on a late, lazy Sunday afternoon in the heart of summer. I was taking a leisurely nap on the hammock on my grandmother's porch, when all of a sudden I heard strange, soft noises coming from somewhere behind my grandmother's rose bush.

I ran to my grandmother right away. I thought that I should calm down first. My grandmother told me that I must calm down and asked me if I didn't notice that the workers were repairing the roof.

Then I decided to walk through the beautiful summer forest and enjoy the sun and listen to the birds and the sound of the waterfall near the house.

In the forest, there were some nice colored birds who were singing. Near the oldest tree in the forest, a black bird looked at me. It was strange.

I spent a nice time in the forest among the flowers, green trees, and lovely colored birds. I enjoyed the birds' singing. The black bird that was looking at me strangely made me wonder about the meaning of its look. All these things couldn't help me forget the voice I heard at my grandmother’s house. "When I return to the house I will look for the voice source." I told myself during my return back.

While I turned away to go back home I heard the bird calling me back. I can't explain how but I was sure it was the strange bird. "Hey you" it said to me, "There is nothing wrong with the roof, right? I think it was your grandma who wanted to send you away. Let's go back and see what she's doing."

Suddenly grandmother called me: "Come in kid.” Go to the room in the back to see what’s happening there.

I glanced back to see if the black bird had followed me. It was nowhere in sight. Then I thought I saw some movement within the rosebush. Instead of heeding my grandmother's directions, I moved closer to the rose bush. I was sure the voice was coming from behind it.

I stood by the bush and listened intently for a few moments. Nothing.
I could hear nothing but the typical sounds of summer: the singing of birds, the buzzing of insects, and in the distance, the crashing of waves against the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.

Just as I began to turn away from the bush, and walk towards the room in the back, I heard the voice again. "Go see what your grandma's up to." "Hurry before she realizes that you didn't go to the back of the house." said the voice, "She's in the front room."

As I walked closer to where she was, I was becoming more and more shocked. I saw blood on the floor.

I discovered the source of the blood: it was a native guy who was trying to make a bad joke. Suddenly, he told me he was worried about the controversial plan to build a big factory on his ancestors' land. He told me that all the tribal people were debating this controversial plan that his community didn't like.

In fact, the guy had wanted to eat the delicious apple pie that my grandmother had made. He took a knife and wanted to cut a piece of dissert, but like most men, he didn't know how to use kitchen utensils. That's why there was blood on the floor.

I asked him to go back up onto the roof. That’s what I thought when I saw the red color on the floor. But when I went closer I discovered that the strawberry sauce had fallen down onto the floor, making the red color on the floor.

But now I could not find my grandmother. I was worried she was mad at me and didn't want to see me or speak to me again. She always made apple pie with strawberry sauce when she was upset. So I went back into the forest to look for her.

I covered my ears with my hands and yelled "la la la la la" out loud as I ran past the rose bush into the forest. I didn't want to hear any strange voice tell me weird things about my grandmother.

Grandmother shouted: "Kid come this way.” I ran to her quickly. “Oh my God " I saw a little bird get hurt.

My grandmother stood over the bird singing in a soft, low voice. She had something in her hand. I couldn't tell what it was at first because the sun was in my eyes. I squinted, then clearly I saw a heap of shimmering dust in my grandmother's hand. The dust was beautiful and she sprinkled it over the quivering bird as she sang to it.

Ending Number One:
I have always liked birds. So I have a lot of little bird friends. This is my life.
The end.

Ending Number Two:
I love birds, but my grandmother said that God sent birds for us to eat them. My grandmother wanted to make a special dinner for my father’s birthday, so she planned to cook a special duck dish for this special party: "Duck in its own sauce", my father's favorite dish. We had a wonderful time and all the family was together.

Airam Vaher
Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
CEM Clary
Claudia Galewind
Giovanni Tweak
Jun Ubert
oo Broono

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