Contest Tip

Here's a little tip about question 5 of contest #3.
If you don't have a SL account watch this video to find something that starts with the letter P.
Don't be shy, and good luck.

New class: Pronunciation

Pronunciation class is different from the other lessons.
It's individual (one student) and it's 15 minutes long.

How does it work?
Check the school calendar for PRONUNCIATION class time. It's a 2-hour period.
You can call any staff member and book your time in advance.
Or you can come to the school when you're free, (maybe you'll have to wait a few minutes until the previous lesson is finished)

This week pronunciation class will be:
Tuesday 10pm - 12am PDT
Wednesday 10am - 12pm PDT
Friday 4am - 6am PDT

15 minute individual class
VOICE - Pronunciation, accent, intonation

Come to the infohub during pronunciation class times or book your class in advance. Write your name in the  calendar, send an email, or ask a staff member to do it for you.
Microphone needed.
750L, 1 credit, 3US$, 300Y