Mon 24 Nov. 4pm PST. Voice

NEW CLASS, NEW TIME, NEW TEACHER Teacher: Alianaluz Rivera Prepositions Do prepositions and idioms in English make you want to hide under a table, in a closet, or run for cover? If so, then you might find this class helpful.


LONDON (AP) — At least someone is excited about "meh." The expression of indifference or boredom has gained a place in the Collins English Dictionary after generating a surprising amount of enthusiasm among lexicographers. read the article "Meh" was selected by Collins after it asked people to submit words they use in conversation that are not in the dictionary. Other suggestions included jargonaut, a fan of jargon; frenemy, an enemy disguised as a friend; and huggles, a hybrid of hugs and snuggles


No class Wednesday 4am PST This class has been moved to Friday 4am PST

Tue 18 Nov. 6am PST. Text

Teacher: Seikatsu Karu Show and Tell : Japan Students should come prepare to share history or facts about their country. Students not presenting are welcomed to ask questions, to better understand the subject and make the teaching session interactive Cost: 500L$ (1.3 euro; 1.9US$; 215YEN) First class is free. More classes:

Wed 12 Nov 4am PST. Voice

TIME CHANGE Daisey's classes are back to 4am PST, Wednesday and Saturday. It starts from today.

Tue 11 Nov. 11am PST. Voice

DAY CHANGE Teacher: Inge Qunhua Classrunner : CEM Clary - FRA Reading pronunciation This week only. This class is usually on Wednesday.

Week 46

Seikatsu is back Tue and Thu 6am PST, both Text Daisey is back on winter time: Wed and Sat 4am PST, both Voice Inge's Reading/Pronunciation class is Tuesday this week, not Wednesday, same time: 11am PST

Thu 6 Nov. 6am PST. Voice

This is not a class. 2 teams. Each player will receive a notecard with 5 categories. CEM will type a letter of the alphabet. Each team will have 5 minutes to find 5 words beginning with that letter, one for each category. When the time is up one player for each team has to type the words in chat. In turn, players will have to read the words and explain their meaning to other players in order to gain 1 point for each word successfully explained. (attention googlers: if you can't explain a word, don't write it).

Wed 5 Nov. 6am PST. Voice

The scheduled class taught by Daisey is canceled. In its place there will be an hour of reading/comprehension You can find the text here


The clock is SL has gone back one hour. The difference between local time and SL time is back to normal for European students. For Asian students, classes are 1 hour later. Confused? Try HERE As usual, keep an eye on the calendar for changes and adjustments.