Skype classes

New day, same time for Skype class: now it's Wednesdays at 4pm PDT Reading, pronunciation, comprehension - VOICE "Reading Between the Lines" During this class students will read short texts out loud for comprehension and to practice pronunciation in English The other Skype class is Sunday at 6am PDT READING - MIX CLASS -VOICE Flat Mates/International news in English

Monday, 1 June, 2009

Conversation class - NEW Mon, June 1, 4pm – 5pm PDT
Teacher: Alianaluz Rivera Class Runner: DaniCherrie Destiny - BRA VOICE - Conversation - Dieting Submitted by emapen. During this class we will read a text written by a student, correct it and discuss the content. Test voice before class. The first class is free. If it's the first time contact the Class Runner 30 minutes before class. Limited number of seats available depending on technical conditions. Cost: 1500L$ (3.8 euro; 5.8US$; 600YEN) More classes:

Monday, 11 May 2009

Teacher: Alianaluz Rivera Class Runner: DaniCherrie Destiny - POR VOICE - Prepositional Phrase Test your knowledge of prepositional phrases and learn new ones. Multiple choice quiz.

9-10 May 2009

Saturday: 9 May 2009 6am PDT: Airport. Voice. Beginner Program 2/8 Short review of previous class (Café) Vocabulary and phrases related to Travel, custom, security controls. Idioms of the day. Quiz 1pm PDT: Word Games. Text. Idioms. If you know you make a point. If you don't know you learn something. Sunday: 10 May 2009 6am PDT: Skype class: Voice: Reading, pronunciation, comprehension. This lesson is a mix of Flat Mates and International News (Wednesday 10am PDT and Monday 11am PDT in Second Life) 12pm PDT: Story Class. Text. During this class students will write a short story.