Picnic Pick-up

ESL Group Story Writing Class April 18 2010

Yesterday I decided to have a picnic in the park, since the weather was so nice. I put a book, a blanket, some paper cups, and a bottle of wine in a large backpack and I took them with me to the park.

I took my bicycle and went out. It was so beautiful to listen to the song of the birds while I was riding.

I looked for a spot on the lawn and I sat down. I began to read a book. A man was walking in front of me. He stopped and said "May I?"

I observed the park. It was nice and quiet. There was a river with beautiful swans and on the other side some children were playing with a ball. When the man asked me if he could sit close to me, I hesitated.

What did this man want? Is there not enough space in this park? I looked closely at the man. He had on a purple sweater that had holes all over it. His pants were a dingy orange color and they had patches all over them.

I looked down at his feet and was surprised to see that they were clad with a very expensive pair of exquisite leather boots. Then, pretending not to understand what he was asking, I said, "May I?" "May you what?"

"May I sit close to you, of course," he said. I was afraid of this hobo, no matter how good his shoes were, but I was afraid he could become dangerous if I said no and I was also worried because he smelled bad.


Song Lyrics class is back: Sunday at 2pm PDT. This week "The seeker" by The Who.
During this class we'll listen to a song and read the lyrics. The teacher will explain vocabulary, idioms, expressions and point out some grammar points from the song. Students are invited to comment on the meaning of the lyrics.
Submissions are welcome. If you know a song with interesting lyrics send a notecard to Adhams Darkstone or Giovanni Tweak.

Story Class on Sunday 8am PDT is canceled (this week only)