This is the first quiz.
There will be a new one every week (courtesy of Tuanjana)
Answer all 10 questions correctly.
Do it 3 times.
Win a free class.
Have fun learning English.

Class change: Day and time.

Cat's class is moving from Monday 8pm PST to Friday 4pm PDT.

This class: VOICE - Pronunciation, Comprehension.
During this class we'll read a story and explain its meaning, words, idioms and correct pronunciation. Word scramble. Picture description.

Time change: PST to PDT

In three weeks, when the time changes in Europe and many other countries, there will be more changes.
Tonight, Saturday, the clock in SL will move one hour forward (spring forward, fall back).

As usual, there will be changes in the class calendar. Different changes in different countries.
My advice: check the class calendar for your country.
The list of countries is in the right-hand column of this blog and on the school website.
If you cannot find the calendar for your county, tell us.