Quiz #41

So many winners for quiz #40: hipostech, Annamaritza, jan71, cimmiaw, Joey Dhara, Gianni78 Deluxe, Beadyneo, Hiromi Collas and Mamacu.

You got one point. Congratulation and good luck with the new quiz  °͜°

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Quiz 40

This week the winners are....  
Mamacu, Joey Dhara, Cimmiaw, Hiromi Collas, Annamaritza  and Meroest

You got one point!!

And here it is the new Quiz, Try to answer all the questions, you can win a free lesson!!

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Office Drama

Story writing class: Sunday at 7am PDT

At the end you can read the story before corrections.
Amy woke up to the familiar sound of an incoming Instant Message.
It was from her boss. She didn't have to wait for him to finish typing, she knew what he would write: "You're late for work."
Amy was already dressed. She only had to raise from her bed and push the button on the wall.
It was rush hour, so the teleport was laggy, It took her about ten seconds to appear in front of her boss.

Her boss said: "Did you read my IM, did you bring it with you?". Amy answered: "Sorry Sir, bring what?"