Down the Rabbit Hole…AGAIN!

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 22, 2011

Have you ever gone somewhere for the first time or spoken to someone for the first time but thought to yourself: "I've been here before" or "I've seen this person before”?  Well, yesterday, I had that odd feeling of deja vu.

But I didn't know why I had that feeling. I thought maybe I was working too hard.

Suddenly, I decided to go to my therapist.  I went to the waiting room to wait for my turn to enter. I sat on the chair while I was thinking about what I was going to say.

I had been with this therapist for a long time. He was ok, but I had made no progress at all with my problems. I was still very afraid of talking to people. The therapist was the only person I was talking with. I communicated with everybody else by text.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 15, 2011

One fine summer morning, I decided to go for a walk in the park. I took a book with me, intending to sit a while and read, when I got there.

I saw a girl approach me and she sat next to me. I saw that she also had a book.

She had long brown hair and she looked beautiful when she smiled.  She saw me looking at her and she said: "Hi how are you? May I help you?"

I hardly spoke, I just thought to myself that I should say something.  Then I gathered myself and said, "Um do you mind me sitting here?"

She replied, "Sure.”  I was sitting there with my heart beating fast.  I admired her for a long time. Then she began to make conversation with me. 

We talked for some time, then I noticed the day was half gone.  I invited her to dinner and she said "Yes."

As I stood up and motioned for her to follow me, I said, "There's a nice restaurant on the other side of the park. Let's go there."  She nodded her approval and we walked across the park, crossed the street, and went into the restaurant.

I thought that maybe I should ask her what she disliked, so I asked her, "What don't you like to eat?" And she answered "beef."

A few minutes later she went to the restroom. But she had left her iPhone on the table.

The devil in me was laughing evilly, "Finally, an iPhone!"

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Pearl Jam

ESL Group Story Writing May 8, 2011


I was walking along the beach when I spotted a beautiful cream and pink-colored shell partially buried in the sand. I stooped down and picked it up.

I thought I could bring it home and give it to the person I really love...

I thought I would give it as a gift and send it to my friend. It would be lots of fun for my friend, if he got them.
When I opened the shell, I saw a big pearl and I was very happy.

I took the big pearl to my beloved sister. When she saw it, she screamed, and I don't know why she was so excited.

I asked my sister why she screamed and she responded by pointing to the pearl. I looked carefully at the pearl and noticed that it was glowing and that it was emitting a soft melodic sound.

I thought that probably it was not a normal pearl, but a kind of magic one. I thought maybe I could ask the pearl to make some of my wishes come true.

I thought that probably it was not a normal pearl, but a kind of magic one. I thought maybe I could ask the pearl to make some of my wishes come true.
I took the pearl to the store to see if it was a real one.  The owner said, "This is a really expensive pearl."

The True Origin of The Green Lantern

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 1, 2011
1. Yesterday I went to the park.  It was a hot, sunny day so I wore a pair of shorts and dark sunglasses. I saw two cats playing together. I ran around them and felt like a kid. Suddenly, my father shouted at me. He said "Look!  There is something!"
When I turned my head to look, it was too late; something had bitten me. Then I felt pain and I fell asleep.

2. When I woke up I was in a giant jar filled with a green fluid. I turned and I saw my father in a similar jar next to mine. He looked like he was sleeping. Even though I was immersed in this fluid I could breathe easily. It actually had a refreshing minty taste.

3. I tried to wake my dad by tapping on the glass with my knuckles. But he didn't budge, so I tapped a little harder.
So i tried to think about how to get out of the jar.  I sat down and thought about a video game with a similar situation to this. Nuclear pollution caused a mutation in dogs had to catch people and experiment on them. I was afraid that that could really happen in Japan.

4. Unfortunately, this was not a video game and I had no weapons. I could not get out of the jar and I could not find any weapon inside it. So I decided to drink all the green minty fluid.