Down the Rabbit Hole…AGAIN!

ESL Group Story Writing Class May 22, 2011

Have you ever gone somewhere for the first time or spoken to someone for the first time but thought to yourself: "I've been here before" or "I've seen this person before”?  Well, yesterday, I had that odd feeling of deja vu.

But I didn't know why I had that feeling. I thought maybe I was working too hard.

Suddenly, I decided to go to my therapist.  I went to the waiting room to wait for my turn to enter. I sat on the chair while I was thinking about what I was going to say.

I had been with this therapist for a long time. He was ok, but I had made no progress at all with my problems. I was still very afraid of talking to people. The therapist was the only person I was talking with. I communicated with everybody else by text.

The receptionist poked her head into the waiting room and motioned for me to come into the therapist's office.  I entered the office, and gasped because my therapist looked exactly like a stranger who I had bumped into yesterday when I had that deja-vu-feeling.

I didn't know what was happening so I thought that maybe I needed to get some sleep now.

The therapist looked at me and asked: "Have I seen you before?"  " Yeah, I think maybe we've seen one another before. I have a feeling we met last month!"

But I couldn't really be sure we met before. I thought I had a feeling of deja vu.  “Are you also having a feeling of deja vu now?" The therapist then started to ask about my problem.
After asking some questions about me, he said that I could be suffering from a social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, and that could be the reason why I wasn't able to speak with other people.
But there was a reason to suspect it could be something else... That Deja Vu feeling was really strange.

Out of the blue, I just got the feeling that I was having one at the moment, so I asked him if he had made the same comment to me before.

Then I felt like I was underwater. I could see the shrink's lips moving, but I could not hear the words. One moment I thought I knew him, the next I thought I had never seen him before.  It was just like a light going on and off.

Then I had a vision. I saw my dead grandmother telling me: "Forget this shrink, he can't help you. Get out of there and go to the FUNFUN Club down the road."

"Yes grandma!" I said out loud as I jumped up, grabbed my bag, and ran out the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the therapist standing with a puzzled look on his face. I checked my Blackberry for directions to the FUNFUN club as I hurried out of the building.

I flagged down a cab, got in, and said, “Please take me to the FUNFUN club, and step on it!”

I didn't know what should do, so I just went to sleep. But when I woke up, it was like an unending circle. Everything that had happened before I went to sleep began to happen again. So I thought that maybe I was in a time machine that was taking me back again and again.

Suddenly, my Blackberry rang. I picked up the phone, and I was shocked.  I heard: "Hey, I am the therapist you met this morning, have you forgotten to pay me my money?"

I started to think about my grandparents. Slowly, I started to realize that my grandpa had been a terrible person. He had left my grandma alone with their children many years ago.
My grandpa was dead now...but I recognized something in the face of the therapist -this therapist who was now asking for money- something... 

I started to yell at the phone!

 "Meet me at FUNFUN club you unfaithful bastard," I said to him. Then I was sure he was the one who caused all my problems: My own shrink was my grandfather!

I didn't feel like I was ready to deal with it right now. I went to the FUNFUN Club.  It was just 3pm but the club was full of people. It was dark, the music was very, very loud, and everybody was dancing. I had a couple of drinks and I started dancing wildly.
A girl started to dance close to me. She asked me if it was my first time there. I answered her, and we started talking, screaming in each other’s ear to rise above the music.

Still dancing, I approached the bar and downed 5 more shots. I went back to the dance floor and began dancing frantically with this random girl. Suddenly, someone pushed the girl aside. It was my grandpa and he held his big, grubby hand out and shouted, "Give me my money!"

I was afraid. I didn't want to give him my money but I was afraid that maybe I had no choice.

I started to fight with him. But when I hit him with a beer bottle he disappeared. Everything was right now, I continued to enjoy the situation because I was totally drunk. Suddenly, it was karaoke time!
There was a high definition huge screen, and the lyrics to one song was being written on the screen, in a big blue font. I thought that a guy was on the other side of the screen writing the song for us.

“That's the worse song ever written!” I said.  On top of that, I called the consumer complaints number to protest.

I only got the same random girl on my side. Everybody was yelling at us with some cheerful words to us to sing the same nonsensical song.

I heard someone yelling, " Grandma knows what is best." So I looked clearly at the song writer and BANG, it was my grandma!

I was drunk enough that I started to sing the song with the girl who danced with me (she wasn't random anymore).  We had a lot of fun and later, after the club closed we went to my place together.

I woke up in the morning very hung-over. But I realized I had talked to her a lot at the club and all through the night. So I married her while she was still asleep, so she could not say "no."


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