New Class: Dictation. Mondays at 7am PST

The teacher reads a text, then dictates it (says small group of words twice) and students write it.
Then the teacher reads it again so students can make corrections. Finally, the students receive the text so that they can check how they did it.

Teacher: Skyrahdalilaelda Sapphire
Class Runner: Giovanni Tweak - ITA
This class: VOICE - Dictation Comprehension, Spelling.

New Class: Thursday 9am PST

The Practical English Program starts Thursday November 24 at 9am PST.

Lesson 1 at the Café: introducing yourself, meeting people, ordering beverages

Lesson 2 at the Airport: Travel, custom, security controls

Lesson 3 at the Hotel Reception: booking a room, hotel check in and out.

Lesson 4 at the Bank: opening and closing a bank account, depositing, withdrawing and exchanging currency.

Lesson 5 at Hospital: arriving at the Hospital or Emergency Room.

Lesson 6 at the Garage/Salon: going to car repair and getting a haircut or a hair dye.

Lesson 7 at Home: everyday object and actions. 

Teacher: Inge Qunhua 
Class Runner: Giovanni Tweak - ITA 

Practical English Program - VOICE Class 1 at the Café: Vocabulary and phrases related to meeting people, ordering drinks, introducing yourself and small talk. 

* The Practical English Program is for students whose English is very basic or who have studied English years ago. 
* It is designed to give students language skills to deal with everyday situations in SL and rl.