Voice Test

You know if voice works or not but do you know how you sound? Fiore Pinklady, the queen of landmarks, has found this. If you go there you can listen to how others hear you. Speak, sing, breathe, drink, smoke, sigh, move your bums on the chair, type. Only you can listen to yourself so bring your broken microphone and see if it works.

Monday 8 June

Conversation class - TAKE 2 This time the text will have less mistakes. There will be time for conversation. Mon, June 8, 4pm – 5pm PDT
Teacher: Alianaluz Rivera Class Runner: DaniCherrie Destiny - BRA VOICE - Conversation - Dieting Submitted by emapen. During this class we will read a text written by a student, correct it and discuss the content. Test voice before class. The first class is free. If it's the first time contact the Class Runner 30 minutes before class. Limited number of seats available depending on technical conditions. Cost: 1500L$ (3.8 euro; 5.8US$; 600YEN) More classes: http://www.drive-through-esl.info/index.html