The White Stop

ESL Group Story Writing Class 28th July 2011

In our Story Writing Class we all practise our written English skills as a group and form a story through taking turns in sentence writing.  Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not but always the class comes up with something new and interesting.  Our class was given homework to read the story and compare the finished story with their original typed sentences from class.  This was to show the little changes in grammar and context and help all to understand better construction.  They are usually only very small changes but it helps to see where we can all improve.  This is all their work showcased as it was intended.  Another fun offering!  :)  I did use UK spelling here for corrections but it makes no difference if one uses U.K. or U.S. types.

 The White Stop

"It's been raining cats and dogs all day today"  said the old lady to another man standing next to her. The man looked at her with eyes wide open and said "What do you mean?"   The lady laughed, her dark eyes sparkled as tiny rain drops ran down her face.   "Oh dear, I'm sorry.  That just means it's been raining very hard.  There's lot of silly sayings in my language.  "Well I'm glad bus stop still mean the bus stops here" said the man.    

"I'm waiting for the bus to hell.  Do you want to come with me, old lady? We'll meet demons and monsters  and we'll have to fight them.  I can see the lights approaching. What do you say?"

The old woman with a wide smile on her face took her bag and showed a present.  "Merry Christmas!" she added "I don´t think demons are able to fight at Christmas."

From Rags to Riches

ESL Group Story Writing Class 21st July 2011

In our Story Writing Class we all practise our written English skills as a group and form a story through taking turns in sentence writing.  Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not but always the class comes up with something new and interesting.  Today we talked about the fact that there are two different versions of spelling in the English language, the U.K. and the U.S. versions. This class uses the U.K. version. You can read today's composition below.  All work is by our students and only spelling and grammar has been changed to help them to see their work showcased as it was intended.  I'm so proud of my class. :)

Standing outside in the dark and chilly night air were two friends.  Two people who had a lot of things in common.  They loved going places together and shopping for their favourite hobby but standing in long lines was not something they enjoyed.  They were stuck in line waiting for their credit card transaction to be over as  they can't buy without money.  Then, they decided to buy only with cash.

They decided it's time to start to work because they used to spend their parents money. When they bought something new they went home and found out it was something used.  So they were then in a bad mood.

When they arrived at home, they saw the food had run out too and they started to feel hungry. The smart friend said "What we can do now?  We don't have money to buy food because we spent all our  money on unnecessary things.  They decided then to find work but the problem was that they did not know what they were able to do. They had a big problem because they didn't have an ID Card.

Cubicle Zombie

ESL Group Story Writing Class 14th July 2011

Today we had another fun gathering of the school's creative minds.  I was privileged to lead a group of fine students though a creative story writing class.  This is sentence writing with a twist, where we all practise our written English skills as a group and form a story through taking turns in sentence writing.  Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not but always the class comes up with something new and interesting.  Being my first day teaching with the school, I was surprised at how well we did as a group.  We focused on our spelling, punctuation and grammar.    I really hope that everyone who was part of the class will be back again to play the sentence game again with me.  You were ALL terrific!


Here is what we came up with:

Oh no!  That awful alarm clock just had to go off again.  Every night I set it to wake me up ready to go to work but I always hope that the night will never end.  I just want to dream about beautiful places and exciting events.  I looked out my window and to see.
"Hmmmm", another beautiful day.   I turned around and went to the shower.  I took a comfortable outfit then went to the garden.  In the garden I found a surprise.  In the place where there was a big magnolia tree, there was also a big hole.  So deep, that I couldn't see the bottom.

In the hole I went, deeper I went  and further.  Then monsters,  vampires and Frankensteins attacked with lasers, grenades and power pistols.  So I took my sword and BOOM, everyone died.  Then I went  home to play runescape and my friend said "Dude what happened to your face?".   As I let my fingers go over my cheeks I noticed there was something moving under my skin.
I couldn't believe that my skin became blue.  My body became so big after that. It swelled up. I thought maybe I'm in a dream.  So I bit myself to see.  I felt pain, oh no, I felt so scared.  What happened to me?  What should i do?
Then I saw a light in the sky.  My head hurt very badly then I fell down.  I didn't know what was happening.  I felt the warmth of something running down my face.  I didn't dare to even look at what may lie below me where I had fallen.  Then I felt my body floating and I opened my eyes.   I looked around and saw the little green people.   I tried to speak but my voice was gone.   I could hear what they were talking about,  I closed my eyes again.   "Oh my, what is it?"  A terrible dream?  I should be working, what time is it? I will lose my lunch time.

"Hey, relax, cool down", I heard a voice saying.  "You are a fatty pinky thing, but I'm not freaking out like you are.  I'm little, I'm green, so what?"  "I need to pee and I'd like some tea.  Could we go to your place?"  The thing then said, "NO! I'm not a tea drinking man dude.  I like vodka and bread with sausage".

Basic Grammar Series: Homework July 21, 2011

The lesson of Monday, July 18, 2am PDT is canceled.

Next lesson will be Thursday, July 21, 1am PDT.
Homework: ELF BP 32 simple present /present continuous homework.
Please add your name to the name of the notecard.

Story Class is back: Thursday 6am PDT

New teacher!
Welcome to the school Savanna Rose (sleepymoma Resident).
Savanna will teach Story Class on Thursdays at 6am PDT.
I hope to see you all there.

Song Lyrics Class

This week's song is: "I will survive" performed by Cake.

A Catchy Tune

ESL Group Story Writing Class
June 26, 2011


One morning last summer, I was riding my bike along a country road. I had to look down lots because the road was a dirt one, very bumpy and uneven and I wanted to make sure I avoided any sharp rocks that could puncture my tires.

Because I was looking down, I didn't see a car stopped there. And something bad happened.

The bicycle wheel got punctured and I could not continue. I had to carry my bicycle by hand.

The sun was beginning to rise now and the cool morning quickly turned hot. The road became steep and I panted and sweated as I struggled to carry my bike up the hill.

I felt thirsty. I looked for a river.

I was so tired that I thought I couldn't move my feet.

Suddenly it started to rain. I lay down on the grass and I let he rain fall into my mouth.

Even the few droplets of rain that fell into my mouth were refreshing. I felt invigorated and even though I had enough strength to go on now, I didn't want to.

I wanted to enjoy the feel of the warm rain on my face and the aroma of the wet grass.