From Rags to Riches

ESL Group Story Writing Class 21st July 2011

In our Story Writing Class we all practise our written English skills as a group and form a story through taking turns in sentence writing.  Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not but always the class comes up with something new and interesting.  Today we talked about the fact that there are two different versions of spelling in the English language, the U.K. and the U.S. versions. This class uses the U.K. version. You can read today's composition below.  All work is by our students and only spelling and grammar has been changed to help them to see their work showcased as it was intended.  I'm so proud of my class. :)

Standing outside in the dark and chilly night air were two friends.  Two people who had a lot of things in common.  They loved going places together and shopping for their favourite hobby but standing in long lines was not something they enjoyed.  They were stuck in line waiting for their credit card transaction to be over as  they can't buy without money.  Then, they decided to buy only with cash.

They decided it's time to start to work because they used to spend their parents money. When they bought something new they went home and found out it was something used.  So they were then in a bad mood.

When they arrived at home, they saw the food had run out too and they started to feel hungry. The smart friend said "What we can do now?  We don't have money to buy food because we spent all our  money on unnecessary things.  They decided then to find work but the problem was that they did not know what they were able to do. They had a big problem because they didn't have an ID Card.

The smart friend said" Hey, I can use my brain and you are a strong guy. You can use your might. " The strong friend accepted and he replied "but the total money we will divide fifty fifty between us.  They were so hungry that they decided to play music in the subway right now.  "What are you doing?" some people said after they listened to that. One person went inside.

The smart friend said "let's do this. I can play a guitar, a drum and a harmonica at the same time and you can dance because you can use your might to jump, spin and perform exercises during the songs."   So, it is what they made, the stronger danced and the "brain" sang,  when suddenly they saw a surprise in front of them.

When they played,  a policeman came.  The police officer said "Do you have licence to play and dance in the subway? You must to pay a Tax to do this!"

A man stopped in front of them, he was wearing a formal suit and seemed very interested in the scene which took place under his eyes.  They can't control their feelings so they want to eat anything that they see.   The formal suit man said, "What's the trouble officer, can I help them? I like the songs and they are talented guys!

This man, who was an impresario, found them very funny and hired them. They made a fortune and became famous.

Savanna Rose (Sleepymoma Resident) (T)
magros Zapatero (CR)
oo Broono
Fanny Carbenell

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