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ESL Group Story Writing Class 14th July 2011

Today we had another fun gathering of the school's creative minds.  I was privileged to lead a group of fine students though a creative story writing class.  This is sentence writing with a twist, where we all practise our written English skills as a group and form a story through taking turns in sentence writing.  Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not but always the class comes up with something new and interesting.  Being my first day teaching with the school, I was surprised at how well we did as a group.  We focused on our spelling, punctuation and grammar.    I really hope that everyone who was part of the class will be back again to play the sentence game again with me.  You were ALL terrific!


Here is what we came up with:

Oh no!  That awful alarm clock just had to go off again.  Every night I set it to wake me up ready to go to work but I always hope that the night will never end.  I just want to dream about beautiful places and exciting events.  I looked out my window and to see.
"Hmmmm", another beautiful day.   I turned around and went to the shower.  I took a comfortable outfit then went to the garden.  In the garden I found a surprise.  In the place where there was a big magnolia tree, there was also a big hole.  So deep, that I couldn't see the bottom.

In the hole I went, deeper I went  and further.  Then monsters,  vampires and Frankensteins attacked with lasers, grenades and power pistols.  So I took my sword and BOOM, everyone died.  Then I went  home to play runescape and my friend said "Dude what happened to your face?".   As I let my fingers go over my cheeks I noticed there was something moving under my skin.
I couldn't believe that my skin became blue.  My body became so big after that. It swelled up. I thought maybe I'm in a dream.  So I bit myself to see.  I felt pain, oh no, I felt so scared.  What happened to me?  What should i do?
Then I saw a light in the sky.  My head hurt very badly then I fell down.  I didn't know what was happening.  I felt the warmth of something running down my face.  I didn't dare to even look at what may lie below me where I had fallen.  Then I felt my body floating and I opened my eyes.   I looked around and saw the little green people.   I tried to speak but my voice was gone.   I could hear what they were talking about,  I closed my eyes again.   "Oh my, what is it?"  A terrible dream?  I should be working, what time is it? I will lose my lunch time.

"Hey, relax, cool down", I heard a voice saying.  "You are a fatty pinky thing, but I'm not freaking out like you are.  I'm little, I'm green, so what?"  "I need to pee and I'd like some tea.  Could we go to your place?"  The thing then said, "NO! I'm not a tea drinking man dude.  I like vodka and bread with sausage".

One time when I went to Pakistan, I found a small "zhiguliuck" and rode it for fifty.   It  was so nice that I listened to the music of Korki Bandzick. His album was called Horta Taii lira. That album was OK, I shook my head, my arms and moved my eyes.  I had read Harry Potter's second book where Harry and his ginger friend got fired from school because Harry almost hit a tree and died.

As my corpse lay on the bed, a wind struck through the room and pages began to flip. Through the windows a white pulsating light filled the filthy bedroom.   Slowly but steadily the windows opened and a beam of light lifted the corpse from the bed.  It was headed outside.
I'm alive.   So I when I tried to find that girl, I started to ask "why?".  She shot me again and again. I couldn't understand why she would want to shoot me over and over.  She shot me point blank in the leg and it was bleeding profusely.  I needed a bandage. So I called out loudly for help.  I can't die. I must live. I've still not finished my work from yesterday.  If I didn't finish it today, my boss will go crazy.

I went back home, I logged into the virtual office and I started to work.  After 20 minutes someone was at my door.  It was Wally, a colleague of mine.  He had brought an ambulance and the police with him.  He had seen my face on the web cam and he said I was looking like a zombie.  As I reached for my cheek we both heard a loud popping sound and larvae started to pour out of my flesh.  Wally let out a scream and vomited on my shoes, out of sheer revolt.  I didn't know what could I do.   But only one thing I know.  I can't die!   So I shouted as big as I could. "Help me! Help me!"  I was afraid that if anyone saw me they would leave me.  It's so hard to say that now.

Please somebody wake me up and tell me that's a dream.  I will not be late for work anymore, I will go home see my parents every weekend.   I will!  Please wake me up.  They  put me in a freezer for a few days.  Then they took me out and brought me to a body care centre.   They injected me with several kind of jellies and after a couple of weeks I was fine.  I felt my body falling and then thump. Ouch!  That hurt.  As I came to, my eyes were blinded by bright lights and I was wearing a patients gown. My breath was stuck in my throat as I suddenly realised it wasn't all a dream.

Savanna Rose (Sleepymoma Resident) (T)
Giovanni Tweak (CR)
Xu Beverly
Grenled Resident
Dona Kalil
mptyyy Resident

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