A Catchy Tune

ESL Group Story Writing Class
June 26, 2011


One morning last summer, I was riding my bike along a country road. I had to look down lots because the road was a dirt one, very bumpy and uneven and I wanted to make sure I avoided any sharp rocks that could puncture my tires.

Because I was looking down, I didn't see a car stopped there. And something bad happened.

The bicycle wheel got punctured and I could not continue. I had to carry my bicycle by hand.

The sun was beginning to rise now and the cool morning quickly turned hot. The road became steep and I panted and sweated as I struggled to carry my bike up the hill.

I felt thirsty. I looked for a river.

I was so tired that I thought I couldn't move my feet.

Suddenly it started to rain. I lay down on the grass and I let he rain fall into my mouth.

Even the few droplets of rain that fell into my mouth were refreshing. I felt invigorated and even though I had enough strength to go on now, I didn't want to.

I wanted to enjoy the feel of the warm rain on my face and the aroma of the wet grass.

I slept on the ground for a few minutes. I felt good.

When I woke up, I saw that I was in a bed. I didn't know what had happened.

When I woke up I felt better and I continued my walk. I wanted to reach the top of the hill to look at the view. It was the tallest hill in the area and the view must have been wonderful. 

I didn't care about the stories I had heard the night before about the spirit of the top of the hill.

Besides, it was daytime and even if there were such a spirit, I was sure it wouldn't come out during the day.  So I propped my useless bicycle against a tree trunk and started trotting up the hill.

Before long, I reached the top and I gasped at the breath-taking view that lay before me. There were tree tops sprawled out below me as far as the eye could see. And butterflies and large blue birds were fluttering from tree to tree.

I had a piece of bread. I gave some bread to the birds. I tried to find a good place to put my food.

The birds were grateful for the bread and started to sing a song for me. I went home happy and I kept singing that song in my mind. The next day at work my colleagues heard the song and started singing it too.

By lunchtime, the entire office was abuzz with the sound of people humming the tune.  I decided to eat lunch in the small plaza across the street from my office building. On the way down, in the elevator, everyone was humming that song. When I left the building, the streets were filled with the sound of people humming like birds.

So, I wanted to dance. I just enjoyed dancing. I didn't care who was watching me. I didn't need the music because everybody was singing the song.

Soon people started to dance with each other, not alone. The traffic was stopped and the police arrived. They asked who had started this.

Everyone looked at the cops in amazement. They seemed not to hear the beautiful singing.

"Can't you hear the music, sir?" asked a little girl who was spinning round and round as she hummed. "No. Now move along everyone," responded the officer. He looked a little nervous.

  Instead of moving, the girl beckoned to the policeman to bend down. He bent to hear her and she whistled the tune in the officer's ear.

Suddenly one bird came to the policeman. It was the bird that I had met yesterday. The bird started to sing a beautiful song.
This time I felt that the cop heard something.

All the people in the street were watching the cops. They were ready on their horses, with their guns. Then more birds arrived and started to fly around the policemen, so close to them that they could not see or move.  So I jumped on the cop and took his gun away. So did the other people with the other cops. We locked them in their own cars and kept dancing all night.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
Giovanni Tweak (CR)
lovely Perian
oo Broono

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