And We Won't Have the Recipe of the Franchina Lemonde

ESL Group Story Writing Class June 19, 2011
It was snowing again for the fourth day in a row, and it was the middle of July in Arizona! Then I took my coat and tanning lotion with me.

So I went to the nudist beach but it was full of people. As there was no place for me, I came back home and I drew all the shades and began to listen to classical music in the dark.

After a while I got all sweaty and tired, and I started to prepare some lemonade. The doorbell rang, and there was a cop at the door.  He didn't seem bothered by the fact I was naked and sweaty.

I answered [or "told] him that I had no permit and that I didn't care about that. I decided to go explore the abandoned factory at the other side of the street and I entered through a small window, and then I was in a large room with tags on the walls.
I told him I wanted to go to China. So I decided to prepare some food for the trip.

You see, at first I hadn't realized that the cop had followed me to the abandoned factory. But when I crawled into that tiny window, I saw him standing in front of me with a pitcher of my lemonade!  I panicked and blurted out the first thing that came to mind: China.

It was a way to run away from that cop. I don't it like when cops follow me. In fact, I am not friendly with the police because they are also not friendly with me.

...even if his lemonade were good, to go to the opposite side of the world from him would be fine with me.

One thing I hadn't noticed about that cop was his dog. His dog was even wiser than the cop.

Cops used to follow me all the time. I was used to it. I liked to tease them, like preparing lemonade naked or always carrying a stick. I threw the stick and the dog ran after it.

And the cop was taken for a ride.

I went to the presidential palace in Beijing where the French president Nicolas Sarkozy was there visiting his friend the Chinese president Hu Jintao and I threw two bottles of lemonade at their faces.

Of course I had just done that for publicity and to get a photograph but this time I think I was going to get into trouble.  Then I saw an old woman walking towards me and she said, “Pick it up.” I tried to ignore her but she continued to stand in front of me and repeat her demand. “It will cause pollution, so you need to put it in the trash,” she said.

So I picked up the empty lemonade pitcher and tossed it into the trash bin. I then turned to leave but my path was blocked by that annoying cop. He was flanked by Sarkozi and Hu Jintao. All three of the scoundrels had an angry look on their faces.

I was afraid of what would happen to me. They asked me to sit in front of them. I obeyed. Then they started to ask me questions about my lemonade.  They tasted it and though it was the most delicious drink they had ever tasted. They wanted the recipe.

Both Hu Jintao and Sarkozi thought it was a French recipe. They wanted to make a multi-billion dollar deal, but they had not thought about all the Chinese lemonade workers who would lose their jobs.

I felt very good so I thought I could buy anything I wanted now. So I decided to go shopping. I saw a big painted gourd in a shop window, so I asked how much it costs. Then when I went to pay for it, I heard someone saying “Wake up John, wake up John!” And then I opened my eyes and suddenly realized that I had been dreaming.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
Alterglobalization Residenr
CEM Clary (CR)
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