The Mermaid's Song

ESL Group Story Writing Class 25th August 2011

The water looked as clear as crystal and was washing gently up against the rocks.  The sand felt warm and soft as it stuck to my feet while I walked slowly across the beach.   What a beautiful day it was and yet, I wasn't happy, even if I was on holiday. 

I felt lonely because there was no internet connection at the hotel and I couldn't get online, where most of my friends were.   When I was watching, I saw a beautiful girl. She was swimming.  It was a surprise to me because it's too early here.   Silent waves and breeze make me settle down.  Then I'll ask to her say hello.   I become to feel pleasant.
I walk slowly, looking at her swimming, she is beautiful, I stop in front of her and smile, she smiles back and comes out of the water.  Wow!  She was walking to me.   My heart beat faster.  What can I say?  She is so beautiful.  When I was thinking, she said "do you what a drink with me?"

By The Moon

ESL Group Story Writing Class 11th August 2011

I was walking along a narrow road slowly, taking in the scenery around me breathing slowly in and out.  I needed to catch my breath because I has just seen  something that was really out of the ordinary.

It was a really dark night, without a moon, only clouds in the sky.  I looked along the forest and could see something moving behind the trees  but I couldn't define what it was.  Maybe a big bear?    When I wanted to run, the bear caught me.    My mother told me that bears only eat you when you are moving a lot.  So I thought that maybe I should have slowed down a bit but it was too late. I had a big bite mark on my right leg.

I started to run as fast as I could away from the bear and I got lost in the forest, bleeding.  Soon it was dark and I started to hear very scary noises.   Then I saw a big bridge and after the bridge, one big castle. I ran and knocked the on door asking for help. Then that's when it became a really bad day for me.  I saw that the bear was coming.