Mike, the magic cat, and the news lady who didn't like pepperoni pizza

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It was a dark and stormy night. Mike, on his way home, stopped at the corner store, bought a frozen pizza, and went home.
He put the pizza in the oven and turned on the TV to watch the weather forecast for the next day. The news lady had big news to tell.

She said she was extremely hungry and she was waiting for the pizza, but when Mike said the pizza was with pepperoni she got mad.

The news lady said that tomorrow there would be a big disaster. Because of the seriousness of the news, Mike didn't realize he had left the pizza in the oven for an hour. When he finally got the pizza out of the oven, it was burned.

He shouted in panic: "Oh my god" and rushed to get it out of the oven. He was disappointed that the pizza was burned.

A thick gray smoke filled the kitchen. Mike called the fire department. Desperate, he went out and forgot that his cat was locked on the balcony.

Jeff's class (idioms) Tuesday 5am PST

If you follow the changes in the class calendar, you have seen this class moving around.
This week it's Tuesday, 5am PST.

Apples from old ladies


Jim was on the commuter train, coming back home from work. He was tired, and  fell asleep. When he woke up it was dark. "We're in a tunnel", he thought.
But there were no sounds, no lights, and, apparently, no one else on the train.

He was shocked and he tried to recall what was happening when he fell asleep. He remembered that he was sitting near an old lady and she offered him an apple.

He accepted the apple and said: "Thank you". Then he asked old lady: "Where are we? I have to go back my home." The lady answered: "I'm sorry, i don't know".

The old lady also said: "If you eat the apple I offered you... I'm not sure, but you can know where you are."

He looked at the woman carefully from head to toe. He was confused because he could see the chair through her body. He rubbed his eyes with his cold hands and blinked several times. He couldn't believe what he saw.