Apples from old ladies


Jim was on the commuter train, coming back home from work. He was tired, and  fell asleep. When he woke up it was dark. "We're in a tunnel", he thought.
But there were no sounds, no lights, and, apparently, no one else on the train.

He was shocked and he tried to recall what was happening when he fell asleep. He remembered that he was sitting near an old lady and she offered him an apple.

He accepted the apple and said: "Thank you". Then he asked old lady: "Where are we? I have to go back my home." The lady answered: "I'm sorry, i don't know".

The old lady also said: "If you eat the apple I offered you... I'm not sure, but you can know where you are."

He looked at the woman carefully from head to toe. He was confused because he could see the chair through her body. He rubbed his eyes with his cold hands and blinked several times. He couldn't believe what he saw.

When he bit the apple, suddenly he could see his past. He was back to when he was 20 years old. Oh my God, why I returned to university?
But he soon felt happy because he had a great time at his university.
Then he thought that he had to leave the train to find someone to ask where he was.

At the university, he met a friend with whom had been getting along. He was glad, but at the same time, he remembered that he had already died. He didn't exist anymore.

He seemed to know that girl. An old friend. He used to sit with her on the lawn a long time ago. He started to walk hesitantly towards her. He felt that his body was so light. The girl was smiling and the weather was so nice.

Jim asked her: "Am I dead?" She answered: "No, you're not". Then he asked: "So why am I here with you? You died last year!" It seemed so real that he didn't even think it could be a dream. The girl said: "You have a second chance. You left something undone for years. Now you must finish it " Then she disappeared.

He was thinking very hard. Where am I? Why did she tell me those things? Why did she look very happy, with that smile on her face? He was looking around the trees, and found something that looked like a diamond. When he took the diamond, his body became shiny like a star.

Finally, he thought that it could be a dream, because he felt very happy with many strange things. Suddenly he remembered that he had forgotten that he had to find his way home.

His body shining like a star, he went back to the place where the old lady was. She asked him: "Did you meet a girl?" He answered: "Yes". She said: " Haha, it was me".

He was surprised. Then he asked: "What do you mean by "something i have not done before in this world?""

You are dreaming inside a dream. But everything has a meaning. The thing you haven't finished yet is your studies. Go back to university and graduate. The diamond represents your carrier. The work you do now is nothing compared to what you are born to do. You made a choice by accepting the apple which means you are ready to go further and take risks.The old woman took Jim's hand and told him to close his eyes. With a loud noise Jim woke up. It was a dream.

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