This is the first quiz.
There will be a new one every week (courtesy of Tuanjana)
Answer all 10 questions correctly.
Do it 3 times.
Win a free class.
Have fun learning English.

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tuanjana said...


1. If I won the lottery, I would be rich. If I were you, I would tell her the truth. What will you do if I don't go to the party?

2. an old intelligent British man

3. The

4. many people will be received by the new pope every day

5. Done

6. She

7. Since

8. That

9. Authors: Calliope, Nekomochi Resident, Anandalite Resident, Hipostech Resident, Giovanni Tweak

Armand and Julie saw a man with a gun in the sea, called the police. The police found out the man was a criminal. They thought Armand and Julie were criminals too and arrested them. In jail they discovered were the stolen money was. At first they tried to keep the money, but in the end they gave it to the police. The government used the money to help poor people, including Armand and Julie.

10. That