Tap Water

ESL Group Story Writing March 28, 2010

I live in a village. This year there was a drought so I decided to look for headwater. From childhood, I heard stories that there used to be a river where my house now is, but the river disappeared.

So, I decided to go along the shore of the river up stream, to find the headwaters. I heard that there were a lot of monsters along the river coast but I still needed to go there. Then I walked around for years. At last I found something that I didn't expect.

There was a large group of crows. One crow could crush a house with its wings. As I was getting ready to fight the crows, an old lady came up to me and told me lots of things about fighting the monsters I would face.

She gave me a small vial with a blue potion inside. She told me to drink it after the fight with the crows. But I was afraid of the crows so I drank it before starting to fight.

Fighting with the crows was not the aim of my journey. I wanted to discover the reason why the water stopped flowing in front of my house.

But I couldn't begin to investigate this because the crows were blocking my way. I had to deal with those horrid crows first. That's why I impatiently drank the blue potion BEFORE I began to fight the crows.

That was a bad idea. I should have listened to the old lady and waited until after the fight to drink the potion.

I am always very frightened.

I thought that I could drive out the crows with a torch. But I couldn't fire a torch so I fired a candle. It was my father's birthday.

Therefore, I needed 500 candles to do that. Fortunately, that made the crows flee but made the forest burn.

My journey started to look like a failure from the beginning, I had scared the crows but I had set the jungle on fire and it made the people of our village so very angry.

The people of the village began to work to extinguish the fire and save the forest. They made a long line and passed buckets of water. They put out the fire very quickly.

I asked them where they had found the water. They showed me the source of the river and the dam they had built to keep the water handy for use in case of fire.

I discovered the reason why the water had stopped flowing in front my house I told myself that if I had asked the others why, they would have told me.

The reason why the water had stopped flowing in front of my house is because…
I forgot to open the tap!

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
Arash Aljon
ashraf Aulder (CR)
Giovanni Tweak
oo Broono
pon Deezul
Power Difference

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