My voice problem and how I fix it

When I log in SL, 3 times out of 4, I have no white dot.
Through a lot of trials, I found a quick way to make it work, without having to relog many times.
Today, I told it to Kimnga, who had not been able to use  voice for weeks. It worked for her too.
If you have frequent problems with voice, try it. I hope it can work for you as well.
This is how I fix it:

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1) Open Preferences/Sound and Media, and open Audio Device settings

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  2) The Input, Output and Input Volume boxes are   grayed out

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3) Wait 5/10 seconds, and the boxes become active. Click Apply, then click OK

4) The white dot appears!

NOTE: I use Firestorm with the Starlight/Silver Blue skin. If you use a different viewer or a different skin, the buttons may look different. 

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