Separated at birth but a happy ending

STORY CLASS 15th June, 2012

Albert and Greg were finally going to meet at the age of 26 after finding out they were twin brothers who had been separated at birth and adopted by different parents.  Albert was very anxious about it. In the week before the meeting he couldn't sleep.  He was curious and afraid at the same time, but he didn't know why.  

They were twins, so they could feel each other. They tried to resolve the problem.  They relaxed by playing with a bicycle but they suddenly saw dwarfs around them.

The young men finally met and were amazed to see how much they looked alike. They felt very emotional and had many things to talk about and many things to show each other, such as photos and family portraits.

No one in the pictures was a dwarf; no one in their family was a dwarf, so they could not understand why they were seeing dwarfs.  They were not even sure the dwarf was real, because they had seen dwarves only in dream sequences in movies. 

Albert was a little scared, so it was Greg who talked to the dwarfs.  While Greg enjoyed talking with them, Albert asked Greg to stay away from them.  Before Greg stopped talking, they saw a cute fairy suddenly come up.  The fairy talked into Greg’s right ear, “You need therapy, let me help you Greg”.

So it appeared that one of the twins was slightly psychotic and hearing voices and seeing fairies. This was most unfortunate and his twin decided that it was his job to call in the men in the white coats.

Albert didn't think he was crazy and he felt betrayed by his twin brother.  So he took up his courage and started to talk with them, while Greg was waiting for the police and medics outside.

Albert had jealous behaviour, Greg was more flexible. The fairy gave Greg therapy while he sat on the park chair. After the therapy, Greg felt better.

 Fortunately, there are doctors! 

The boy's families were very happy to see that the once they had started therapy together things started to improve. There were fewer fairies and dwarves cluttering up the place and "the voices" had quietened down quite a bit.

When the doctor arrived at their home for the therapy sessions, she saw all the dwarves and fairies and was a little surprised but the parents and Greg said they could not see them. 

Only Albert admitted to seeing dwarves and fairies, so they got to talk.  Only they can see them, because they connected closely to each other. They would look in the mirror but couldn't see their shadows.

They are all happy now because Greg was well, the two twin brothers embraced. The fairies and dwarves made a circle around the fire in the woods and sang happily.


Calliopeno1 Resident (T)

Airin Vaher
Quenya Jinx
Giovanni Tweak (CR)

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