Dreams of a broken heart

STORY CLASS 1st June, 2012

"There was a loud knock on the young woman's front door, but when she opened the door nobody was there. She saw a large package on the front door step with her name written on it.  She took it inside and it was very heavy.  She noticed that there was no sender's name or address.  She opened the parcel and found inside........."

She was shocked, suddenly a little puppy appeared in the box. He had a white coat and big eyes. What a cute puppy!  But inside there was another thing... it was shining. Something in the bottom of the box. She felt a chill, but she wanted to know what it was.  So she put a bamboo pole into the box. It looked like something was dragging on the bamboo pole. Suddenly she felt the box raising up into the air and then flying. At first she was very scared, then she got tired and fell asleep.

When she woke up everything was so dark. Then the box opened automatically. She tried to find out where she was. She opened her eyes widely. She was at a big ocean with many trees.  A very small light was coming down from the sky to her. It was making a little bell noise and in a few seconds a very short elf was laughing loud.

She was so hungry she didn't care who was laughing, she found some cabbage because she wanted to eat. She couldn't use her hands well because they had become trotters.  With her pig feet she smashed the cabbage into small pieces and ate it raw. She was still hungry and felt miserable about herself.  The pig feet were heavy and it was very tiring to walk. She saw a light in the distance and it was coming closer.
While she ate, she kept staring at the light. She thought someone might come to help her.

She said "Yes I am lost and I don't understand what is happening. I would like to go home. Could you help?"  "I can not help you darling, but maybe the elf could... you have to find him and don't look at his nose!!  It is very big and he will be very hungry if you do it!! Remember it!!"

She thought it was too late to find an elf, so she fell asleep again. When she woke up she was in her own bed. She was feeling awful. She went to the bathroom and puked. She saw pieces of raw cabbage in the toilet bowl.  She felt better. She got dressed, had breakfast and went to school.  Walking down the street she saw a cabbage patch in a front yard and felt the urge to eat it.

She had appetite to eat the cabbage, but someone stopped her, What are you doing? "Oh! Ralf!! I needed to find you, I have to tell you a very strange dream that I had .... It was horrible and I ate cabbage in the dream".  After she said that she recognized who was asking.  It was her  ex-boyfriend.  She was so sad about what happened.........the boy told her that when it was his birthday he made a vow which was to let his ex-girlfriend do something that left her feeling as disappointed as he was about love.

Girls always blame boys about love but they never think about what they do to them.

oo Broono
Taiyo Klees
Quenya Jinx
Tuanjana Resident
Ai12in Resident
Giovanni Tweak (CR)

Editor's comment:  "Note to self:  I must remember never to disappoint in affairs of the heart or bad things will happen" 

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