May 26, 4am PDT. It's not a surprise.

Thank you to everyone who came to the surprise party for Inge last Sunday.
It was great to see all of you. Thanks to Hiromi who provided the amazing location and everyone else who helped out in many ways.
Inge wasn't there though, so we'll do it again :)

Inge will receive a prize for her 5 years at the school.
New Date: May 26, Saturday, 4am PDT (time in your country)
New Location: Hanako land
(more avatars allowed. You will not receive the message: "can't teleport. Region full"
Enable voice: make sure you can listen to what people say in local chat and feel free to speak.

If you have been away from Second Life for a long time, download a new version of the viewer in advance.
For technical assistance in your language or in English contact a Help Team member. (Help Team Calendar)

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