Strange Moons Rising

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 24, 2010

My son and I had already walked for 5 hours that day and we still had to walk for the rest of the day. The third moon started to appear in the sky and I felt sad suddenly.  At some point my son pulled my sweater and asked me: "Where are we going dad?"

I said that we are going to climb the mountain.  My son said, "Why do you want to walk such a long way?"

What son? Do I have a son? Maybe I'm dreaming.

I could see my son was tired, hungry and thirsty and I felt terrible because I had nothing to give him. And how could I tell him the truth? We were running away from his mother who had become a zombie.

It was what I wanted to tell my son, I had problems with his mother. She pushed me to leave the house and go away. I was so angry that I decided to go for a walk and had hoped to feel calm after this walk.

I glanced back over my shoulder nervously. The road was clear behind us but the pale blue light from the two moons made the road appear to glisten.  I decided that it would be OK to allow my son to rest for a few minutes before we attempted to climb the mountain.

We chose a spot in the woods next to the road and I lit up a small fire when my son had already gone inside the sleeping sack.

I could see clearly the third moon of Uranus rising now, and something in my gut told me it wasn't a good sign, for it reminded me of the first time I saw it: almost 35 years ago. Maybe it was just a coincidence but the third moon never brings good new with her.

I had to wake up my son. I needed to wake up too. It's very bad to have a scared son, -even in a dream. Then I saw some edible plants. I knew that we had to eat, otherwise we would starve.

I put a stone in the fire and the plants on top of the stone to cook them. I was worried they could be poisonous but we had no alternative. A thick smoke rose from the plants and the cloud enveloped us. I was not hungry or thirsty anymore. I felt light, relaxed and hopeful.

I was confused at this moment. I didn't know how to get rid of my angry feeling. How could I climb the mountain in the dark night?"

What possessed me to let my son sleep on the road? Why did I let my son sleep at the roadside? "I had to find a way to solve my problems, I told myself, because when my son wakes up he will be scared of the dark.

The smoke from the burning plant began to dissipate, so I grabbed another handful of a cluster of plants that were growing near the roadside. I tossed those plants into the dying fire and immediately, the fire grew and the smoke filled my nostrils again. I felt relaxed again so I cradled my son's sleeping head in my arms and drew him close enough to the fire for the smoke to enter his lungs.

This time the smoke had a better effect on me though, I felt high and all the anxiety coming from our journey had disappeared.

This time the smoke had a better effect on me though, I felt high and all the anxiety caused by our journey had disappeared. I looked again at the third moon, peacefully, it looked like an orange. I felt hungry again like I was experiencing a sort of loop.

Suddenly, I heard a wolf howl and my son woke up with a start. We were afraid. I left right away. The fire grew bigger.

The wolf jumped on my son. I intercepted it like it was a ball in a football game and I was the goalie.  Then, like a goalie, I kicked the wolf into the fire and smoke.  The wolf inhaled the smoke and turned into my wife.  She was not a zombie anymore, she was her old self and nursed us, so we were not hungry and thirsty anymore.  And we went back home.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
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