The Envelope, Please

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 17, 2010

One day, I found an envelope on the ground, when I was walking down the street. I picked up the envelope and opened it.

I found a lot of money inside the envelope. I did not see a name written on the envelope.

I stood there and thought about what I should do. Maybe I should give it to the police.
Then I thought about my upcoming wedding. I didn't even have money to rent a house. Where would we live?

Usually, to read another's letters is bad. Therefore I folded the envelope carefully and put it in my pocket. I thought, it would be good to give this money to the owner. But, why was it suddenly thrown in front of me?

When I picked up the envelope and started to count the money inside it, I found a small piece of paper with some words written on it in red ink. There was a man standing in a dark corner of a nearby building staring at me.

I quickly shoved the piece of paper in my pocket, without reading it first. Then I folded the envelope and held it in my hand behind my back. I looked at the man and said, "Why are you staring at me?"

He said, “I am a blind beggar, but I can see all.” "How do you see what people are doing?" I asked the beggar.  Then I looked up at the clouds and rain hit me in the face.

He told me that we don't need good eyes to be able to see. But I thought he was just trying to scare me. I decided to go to play cards to make more money.

Once, my friend returned an envelope like this one to its owner. But the owner accused him of taking half of the money that was in the envelope. This made me think.

The darkness, the blind beggar, the rain and the story of my friend created a mysterious atmosphere for me. Then I remembered the small piece  of paper written in red ink which I had put in my pocket, "What is written on that paper?" I asked myself.

I looked over at the blind beggar. He continued to stand in the dark corner. I walked up to him and waved my hand in front of his face to see if he could see my hand. He did not move, so I assumed he couldn't see me. I took the crumpled paper out of my pocket, unfolded it and read it.

I was shocked. On the paper these words were written: "Don't even THINK about using this money to buy a house or pay your rent."

There were more words written on the paper but I couldn't read them because the rain was falling harder now and it smudged the red ink on the paper. The smudges looked like blood stains!

I did not know if I should even try to figure out what was happening.

The rain was hitting me very hard now so I started to run home, but I heard the beggar's footsteps behind me.  I was completely scared, was sweating cold, and I tried to shout but my shout hadn't sound.

Without hesitating, I decided to put the envelope in the beggar's pocket, without him knowing what I was doing. After I put the envelope in his pocket I said, "Hey what's that sticking out of your pocket?" Then I said, “You'd better tuck it away because if swindlers are nearby, they will see it.”

I felt comfortable after giving the envelope to the beggar. I thought a lot about what happened this night, and I discovered that the envelope was thrown to the beggar and I came there by chance. It was not my money, it was for him.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ashraf Aulder (CR)
elpresidentoBarackHussein Aboma
Meep Macbeth
Mila Kowalski
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