A Meandering New Year's Story

ESL Group Story Writing Class January 3, 2010

I woke up this morning thinking about the New Year's resolution that I made a few days ago. I had already broken it!

And I was also late for work. I ran out of the door running, because I was already late. And I found out it was raining hard and I didn't have an umbrella. So I went to the shop and wanted to buy an umbrella. But I realized that I forgot my purse.

I called my friend because I wanted her to bring me my bag. She said, "I'll deliver it to you.” I chatted with the owner of the store while I waited.

My friend finally arrived with my purse. I opened it, took out some money, and paid for an umbrella that I had selected. I walked out of the store and opened my new umbrella. All the while I was thinking about the New Year's resolution that I had so quickly broken.

Suddenly a strong wind started to blow and ripped the umbrella out of my hands. I ran after it and I found myself in a dark alley.

"The new year started off bad this time," I told myself when I found that all my actions were going badly. So, I decided to make a second resolution which I wish to go well.

I decided to wake up early every day, at a reasonable time. I purchased a lot of alarm clocks so that I could get up on time. I set the wake-up time to 6:00 AM on all the alarm clocks. I was determined to keep this new New Year's resolution.

But instead of going straight to bed after I set the clocks, I got up, got dressed, and went to a club. I partied at the club until 2 AM. Then I went home.

At 6 am all the alarm clocks went off together. I had scattered them around the house and I could not find them all. My cat was terrified, and my neighbors called the police. I hid in the closet, with blankets and pillows over my head. And I started to cry over my lack of commitment to resolutions and my fear of alarm clocks.

I was sitting like that for three hours when the police came. They took me to the police department. They did not even allow me to get dressed. I was naked and only wore a blanket that covered my torso and underwear.

Suddenly a woman appeared. She was the woman I met yesterday evening in that club and had a ....... with her. She was the police department officer.

After all the failed plans that I faced this days, I decided to put off my resolutions until next year. It was what I told myself every year because I could never keep my New Year’s resolutions for long. So, this year I decided to continue as am I.

Alianaluz Rivera (T)
ANDREAS Wizardly
ashraf Aulder (CR)
Basibozuk Avril
Floras Flagon
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