Bimbo, Ringo and the elephants

DTESL - STORY CLASS - 12th July, 2012

1.  The woman stopped at the corner to check for cars.
She began to cross the street and then she screamed as a huge truck with two circus elephants on the back came speeding down the road towards her.

2.  She ran fast when she saw the truck with two elephants, then the truck passed by her.  She was stunned there and asked herself “What was going on?  The truck driver sounded the horn so loudly that even the elephants raised their trunks, frightened by the sound.

3.  Her name was Bimbo, today it was her birthday, Friday the 13th.  She couldn't feel her body, as if she was a ghost.  The driver couldn't believe his eyes. He got out of the truck, let the elephants down too, so they could take a pee and a drink, and started to walk towards Bimbo.

4.  She was confused about what had happened to her. She stepped into the coffee shop to figure it out. She started to look at the elephants; suddenly the elephants blinked at her and wanted to caress her.

5.  The elephants could not escape because they had a big chain on their feet, but now that they were on the mainland they had calmed down. 

6.  The driver of the truck sat down at the same table as Bimbo. "My name is Ringo" he said. I am a DJ and I travel from city to city to play clubs. Bimbo kept looking at Ringo and at the elephants, who were staring at them and smiling from outside the window.

7.  Ringo said: "They're more than pets to me. As a child I was abandoned in the savannah, and they raised me. Now they're old and I'm taking care of them".

8.  "Why is it, that I see your pets seem to blink at me or is it just my fantasy?" Then Ringo answered, "Sometimes they are talking to me, because they are not usual pets."

7.  After Ringo answered, she saw the elephants made a bunch of flowers all around them.  "So, where are you going?" asked Ringo. "I was going out to buy me a birthday present." - answered Bimbo.

8.  "We have a present for you" - said Ringo, and snapped his fingers. The elephants thrust their proboscises through the window. One had a bunch of flowers, the other had a ring.  "Happy birthday" - Ringo said.

9.  Ringo was so shocked that she screamed, "It’s magic!!!" I never thought your pets could predict this". Bimbo took the ring from the elephant’s proboscises (trunk) and put it on Ringo's finger and gave her a bunch of flowers.

10.  He whispered in Ringo's ear "You are my soulmate and Happy birthday." Then they built relationship from that day.


Teacher - Calliope
Quenya Jinx
Giovanni Tweak:  CR

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