Music for Lions

DT-ESL - Story Writing Class - 20th July, 2012

1.  Mike worked for the circus.  He helped to set up the tents for each show.  One night the lion tamer was practising his act with one lion while the other five lions sat on their stools.

2.  Suddenly one lion got down off its stool.  It started to creep on its belly across the floor to the door. The lion tamer was looking at the other lion and did not see it.

3.  Since I was child, I have been very much in love with music. I remembered when my dad bought a piano for us children.  It was a small one but it was very useful for me.  I tried to improve and train myself to be skilled although there was no teacher. 

4.  I have tried for a very long time but I want to train to get better.  So I tried to take some samples from the internet.  Greetings everybody.  Now I am ready to train my skills.

5.   I don’t have a keyboard but I never give up no matter what tries to stop me. Someday I believe I will play well.

6.  The lion tamer's name was Hugo. He finally woke up from his coma and from the childhood memories about playing piano.  The doctors told him that when he was in the cage with 2 lions, he froze and didn't even notice the lions had attacked him.  His face and body had been mangled by the lions. He decided to study piano again.

7.  When he was young, his parents told him how to reduce his emotion if he got angry with another lion who wanted to fight with him. He took a deep breath and began to imagine that he sat in front of the piano and played it.

8.  He played the most beautiful music ever heard on earth. He was overcome with emotions. But when he checked the tape recorder he found out that there was nothing. The music he heard was not what he had played but what he had imagined.

9.  He googled 'playing imaginary music' and found a phone number as a result.  He called the number.

10.  Meanwhile, the lion still went forth from the door and the trainer suddenly realized that the lion was missing from the stool and shot a pistol in the air to warn the circus staff.

11.  He called the numbers and he could hear calm music from the phone, music to create a relaxed condition. He pressed the loudspeaker to hear the music louder.

13.  All of the lions suddenly stood up like they were hypnotized then a big smiled showed on their faces, like peace had mastered their hearts.

14.  This is the music I heard when I played the piano' - exclaimed Hugo. The music from the speaker stopped. And a voice said to press 1 to continue, create an account and register payment information.

15.  Hugo had no credit card and the lions were getting nervous because they had not eaten since the incident.  So he started to sing to the lions.

16.  Now the keeper of the lion’s cage was concerned to bring food to the lions.

17.  He kept singing to them and then they become relaxed. The keeper had given them food while listening to Hugo sing. They created good art beside being trained to be entertain people.

18.  It was a very risky act. Sometimes Hugo would sing, but like with the piano, his voice didn't come out. Other times someone in the audience would sing a different song and the lions would jump from the stage.

19.  There were sharp-shooters ready with tranquillizer shots, but still, Hugo became rich, famous and married Miss Universe and they were very happy.  But Hugo never really got to play the piano as well as he wished.


Calliope   -  Teacher
Giovani Tweak
Quenya Jinx
Ai12in Resident (CR)

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